New Book: “My Limpy Dog: A Dog Adoption Story” (from 8 to 14 to 114 Year Olds!)


“My Limpy Dog: A Dog Adoption Story” is a book about a boy named Adam (that’s my son), his mom and dad (me and my husband), and their dog, Ramzes (that’s the Limpy Dog from the title), and how we’ve met each other (SPOILER ALERT: it happened in an animal shelter, and, yes, Ramzes is adopted). The decision to adopt was a scary one and not without challenges, but in the end it changed the lives of both of us, and my entire family as well. At first we had many doubts: Was it a good decision? Were we going to become friends? Or were we all going to regret it?  You’ll have to read the story to find out… (ANOTHER SPOILER ALERT! The answer is a resounding YES!  Everybody in our family fell madly, deeply and TOTALLY head over heels in love with Ramzes, the hairy alien from a different world, who is now a member of our tribe; and we CANNOT imagine our life without him anymore.) But...



The 30 Day Vegan Hustle Is HERE:

What are you doing TODAY — RIGHT NOW — to hustle?

YES, we (vegans) spend a lot of time talking and complaining how bad the situation is and how come people still don’t get it and still don’t care….

And how heartbreaking it is to even THINK about it (it absof*cking*lutely is!)

But here is the reality of today, and tomorrow as well:

Talking and complaining is not the solution.
Waiting for things to happen or for others to do the job for us is not going to be enough.
Wishing and waiting for things to be different is not going to get the job done.
Being sad and overwhelmed and not knowing how — is not going to cut it.

Simply BEING the change, is not the same as taking action — and HUSTLING DAILY — to make the change happen.

So, whether it’s Sunday morning — Monday evening — Wednesday night — or Thursday afternoon, …

Let me ask you … what are you up to?

Are you hustling?

Or are you checking things off your to-do list?
Groceries, laundry, pickup the kids, going to work, or back from work?
All important and necessary…

Perhaps you are relaxing on the couch, checking Facebook and Instagram; or watching your favorite show on TV, complaining how you cannot watch the Food Network any more since you went vegan, or any other channel really — because of all the meat eating propaganda… It’s so tough being vegan — you do need some down time and inspiration….

Is this what is going on?

Or are you hustling? With your head in the game? Giving it your all?

Write And Publish FAST! Interview with Camilla Kristiansen


How to Write A Book FAST: Interview with Camilla Kristiansen, Success and Style Coach

Joanna Slodownik: People make such a HUGE DEAL of writing and publishing a book — it seems like such a daunting task. Maybe they are paralyzed by their own striving for perfection — and worry that if their book doesn’t make it to NYT Best Seller list it will be a failure –and by extension — they would have wasted a lot time and effort, not to mention they’d feel like a failure as well…

What would you say to someone who feels she has things to say, maybe even is already writing a blog or journal — but thinking I cannot publish a book, I’m not a writer, nobody would read my book — basically who gives up before they even started?

Camilla Kristiansen: I would say that you just should do it. If you have a message inside of you, and I think we all have it, then you better get it out of you. I don’t think about it anymore if the thing I write is perfect or okay. I just do it regardless on how I feel and what people might think about me. The thing is that if you want to write a book then now is the time. today. Start with one chapter and then the next one etc. Soon you will have a book. just start and give yourself permission to write.

JS: How did you get started? When and why did you decide to become an author?

CK: I started to write in 2011 in Norwegian. My first book was a style book that I published on lulu.com, which is a great site to publish your own hardcopy books. It’s a print on demand store. Then I wrote 3 more books in Norwegian, more inspiring books for female entrepreneurs who has a dream inside of them. I just wrote it in word and sold it as a PDF book. Now I write 4 books a a month in English because I have so much on my mind and I can’t stop saying it. My message is to follow your dreams no matter what and take daily action. the you will be happy.

How many books have you written and published so far?

CK: 3 in Norwegian and now 15 books on Amazon.com

How long did it take to write them?

CK: I write very fast. 6000 words each day and I did it in 3-4 days. A week is what I give myself to keep it up. My goal is to have over 48 books published on amazon in 2016. and I am on track:-)

What is your writing routine? How do you ‘get in the flow’?

CK: I don’t wait for flow. I just write. I set an intention that I must write, even if I don’t feel like it. Often I write 2 chapters in the morning and then 1 more in the evening. It depends but I never allow myself to get into the flow. I just do it.

How many words do you write in a day?

CK: Between 2000 and 6000. and then I also have my daily blog that I write, but that is a short blog post to kick myself and others women into action.

Does Your Social Media Profile SUCK? Taking VEGAN pages From SCARY to AWESOME – one page and update at a time….


Does Your Social Media Profile SUCK? OK so maybe that title is a bit harsh — but let’s just be honest with each other, since we’re both vegans and care about this issue a lot… …so are your pages and the way you present yourself and this message — on your blog, your website, social media profiles, various forums and discussions — actually helping or hurting this cause…? I’ve been involved in online marketing for quite some time now and during that time I’ve seen my share of bad pages – from plain boring and ugly, to downright scary. Admittedly the technology today makes building beautiful pages much easier than it used to be – gone are the days of animated GIFs and hard to navigate Flash sites. However, this doesn’t mean that the Internet is all peachy now, or even that it’s all about the looks. I do realize that the page doesn’t have to...

Will you be my VEGAN Facebook Friend?


I don’t mean I want you to ‘follow me’, or ‘like’ my page – I’m looking for FRIENDS on Facebook. To share and comment on each other’s vegan recipes, rants, articles, videos, resources…. Yes, I know we don’t know each other, and most likely we’ll never meet in person — (although, hey, you never know, right??). But here is the thing…. I want to post more vegan stuff on my personal profile page, but I’m not doing that and a big part of this is the fact that most of the people who are my friends on Facebook – are people whom I know in ‘real’ life – who are not vegan. So, whenever I post an update about my life – a trip, a family event, etc. – it gets likes and shares. When I post something about veganism – a recipe, a video, an article – it gets totally ignored. Total silence….. Like nobody cares…. It totally depresses me…. I feel so alone…. I just want to keep posting,...

What’s Your Vegan Flavor? Stop Being So Boring-VANILLA!


if they have wings, they want to  fly,  if they have legs, they want to run, if they have fins,  they want to swim, if they have babies, they want to feed and nurture them… When I first heard those words (and those may not be the exact words, but the gist of it is this) — in the Food for Thought Podcast, I had tears in my eyes.  They express in such a simple, and yet so profound, way the aspect of animal oppression that most people never even think about. Many people say they are against violence, but they still  want to eat ‘humanely raised meat’ and ‘free range eggs’. But that’s not really  what I want to talk about right now. What I want to talk about is my thoughts on how to be a vegan — and a voice for the animals in this world. It may be excruciatingly hard to watch the obvious signs of violence and...

Being a Mother and a Vegan


Being a mother and a vegan – means I cringe at the happy cow commercials….you know the ones where we watch the cows and calves grazing on beautiful meadows, happily ‘giving’ their milk to us, as if that’s some kind of privilege and the ENTIRE PURPOSE OF THEIR EXISTENCE – giving away their milk and their babies, spending their entire lives as baby and milk producing machines; being impregnated again and again, giving birth again and again; suffering the AGONY of having their babies taken away from them again and again…. Happy cows? Really? WHAT A LIE! How arrogant and heartless of us! Being a mother and a vegan – means I can literally feel the agonizing pain and primal suffering of the mother cow when her baby is taken away from her – although I cannot imagine what it feels like to be a cow, I do know how it feels to be a mother, and I do know how a mother feels about her newborn....

Blog->to->Book in 9 Easy Steps: For Vegan Bloggers Who Want to Get Published!


>> Calling Vegan Bloggers <<  So, You Want to Write & Publish a Vegan Recipe Book? Maybe you’ve been thinking about it recently, or maybe it’s been a while, maybe that’s been your intention when you started your blog, but then you gave it up, so let me ask you this: What’s been stopping you? Why haven’t you done it yet? Is it because it’s too much work? It’s too complicated? You’re not sure where to start? Or you just don’t have time right now to get it done, but you’ll surely get to it in the future?  Is it because you think that there are enough books out there already, and there’s no need for another one? If you’re thinking this way, then you need to read my post 7+ Reasons Why EVERY Vegan Blogger Simply MUST Write and Publish a Book — Starting TODAY! Is it because you believe that your writing...