Author: Joanna Slodownik

Will you be my VEGAN Facebook Friend?

I don’t mean I want you to ‘follow me’, or ‘like’ my page – I’m looking for FRIENDS on Facebook. To share and comment on each other’s vegan recipes, rants, articles, videos, resources…. Yes, I know we don’t know each other, and most likely we’ll never meet in person — (although, hey, you never know, right??). But here is the thing…. I want to post more vegan stuff on my personal profile page, but I’m not doing that and a big part of this is the fact that most of the people who are my friends on Facebook – are people whom I know in ‘real’ life – who are not vegan. So, whenever I post an update about my life – a trip, a family event, etc. – it gets likes and shares. When I post something about veganism – a recipe, a video, an article – it gets totally ignored. Total silence….. Like nobody cares…. It totally depresses me…. I feel so alone…. I just want to keep posting, keep educating, keep raising awareness – but I’m not doing it… I’m being shy, self-conscious about it – what if ‘they’ think that I’m weird, over-sensitive, or crazy – I do know that it doesn’t/shouldn’t matter, and they may already think that anyway – but it’s stopping me… So I thought it would be SUPER COOL if I...

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What’s Your Vegan Flavor? Stop Being So Boring-VANILLA!

if they have wings, they want to  fly,  if they have legs, they want to run, if they have fins,  they want to swim, if they have babies, they want to feed and nurture them… When I first heard those words (and those may not be the exact words, but the gist of it is this) — in the Food for Thought Podcast, I had tears in my eyes.  They express in such a simple, and yet so profound, way the aspect of animal oppression that most people never even think about. Many people say they are against violence, but they still  want to eat ‘humanely raised meat’ and ‘free range eggs’. But that’s not really  what I want to talk about right now. What I want to talk about is my thoughts on how to be a vegan — and a voice for the animals in this world. It may be excruciatingly hard to watch the obvious signs of violence and oppression — the blood, the  flesh, the body parts wrapped in clean clear plastic wrap — I see so many vegans being lost for words — including myself.   And I see many people feeling angry and frustrated, and therefore not being very effective in speaking up. Sharing statistics, facts, videos, recipes — but not many  people responding, not reaching those who are not already vegan.  ...

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Being a Mother and a Vegan

Being a mother and a vegan – means I cringe at the happy cow commercials….you know the ones where we watch the cows and calves grazing on beautiful meadows, happily ‘giving’ their milk to us, as if that’s some kind of privilege and the ENTIRE PURPOSE OF THEIR EXISTENCE – giving away their milk and their babies, spending their entire lives as baby and milk producing machines; being impregnated again and again, giving birth again and again; suffering the AGONY of having their babies taken away from them again and again…. Happy cows? Really? WHAT A LIE! How arrogant...

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Blog->to->Book in 9 Easy Steps: For Vegan Bloggers Who Want to Get Published!

>> Calling Vegan Bloggers <<  So, You Want to Write & Publish a Vegan Recipe Book? Maybe you’ve been thinking about it recently, or maybe it’s been a while, maybe that’s been your intention when you started your blog, but then you gave it up, so let me ask you this: What’s been stopping you? Why haven’t you done it yet? Is it because it’s too much work? It’s too complicated? You’re not sure where to start? Or you just don’t have time right now to get it done, but you’ll surely get to it in the future?  Is it because you think that there are enough books out there already, and there’s no need for another one? If you’re thinking this way, then you need to read my post 7+ Reasons Why EVERY Vegan Blogger Simply MUST Write and Publish a Book — Starting TODAY! Is it because you believe that your writing is not good enough? (Truth is you don’t need to be another Tolstoy or Dostoevsky to be able to help and inspire people with your writing.) Is it because it’s too hard? Look, I’m not talking here about finding a publisher and getting your book in print — although this is certainly possible, and you should absolutely pursue it too, but you’re right, it may take a long time, and is not so simple (one of my...

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Show! Tell! Inspire! Transform! 7 Easy Steps to Running Super Fun & Wildly Successful Workshops, Classes and Events

Fact: No matter how much you know (or think you know), there’s always MORE STUFF YOU CAN LEARN (you’d really be surprised!). No matter how many Youtube videos you watch, the best way to learn to cook vegan is by teaching people HANDS-ON how to do it, in a friendly environment, where they can taste the food that’s vegan, ask questions and so on…. No matter how many people you know, there are always more awesome PEOPLE that you haven’t met yet — even in your own community. No matter how many VIRTUAL friends and fans you have on Facebook, meeting people FACE-TO-FACE is still the best way to interact closely with another human (and non-human) being — as well as EASIEST AND MOST POWERFUL WAY TO INFLUENCE THEM, EDUCATE THEM, TRANSFORM THEIR LIVES, and even SELL TO THEM. Why am I even talking about this today? I went to Easter cooking workshop yesterday, and it was great. I’ve been vegan for three years now, so I know a thing or two about vegan cooking, especially blending (and this workshop relied heavily on blending), and still I managed to learn some AWESOME easy-peasy recipes that surprised me – egg-free pate, for example, that tasted EXACTLY like eggs. Not that I miss eggs, mind you, I haven’t eaten eggs in three years– because I know what is involved in producing...

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15+ Topic Ideas for Your Blog or Book: Beyond Vegan Recipes

15+ Topic Ideas for Your Book or Blog: Beyond Vegan Recipes Check out my post Blog->to->Book: Calling Vegan Bloggers Who Want to Get Published! The obvious choice when thinking about promoting veganism — is writing about food. You may be thinking:  “But I don’t want to write a vegan recipe book!” When choosing a topic for your vegan book or blog, you don’t have to limit yourself to food. Let’s say cooking or writing about food isn’t really your thing. Or you just think there are enough of those on the market already and you want to choose another...

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KICKASS Vegans CRUSHING IT! Interview with Lindsay S. Nixon from Happy Herbivore


Do you want to do MORE for the animals?

Are you wondering how YOU can help?

Could you perhaps be making a BIGGER DIFFERENCE in the world while also living the life of your dreams?

If you want to be inspired, look at those who are ALREADY doing it – and are CRUSHING IT! – and learn from them.

But most of all — START TAKING ACTION — TODAY!

Don’t wait another year, don’t waste another day!

We’re in such minority, and the task ahead is so GIGANORMOUS that we ALL should be CRUSHING IT!

We should all be taking action, each and every day, in a way that challenges us and those around us, to spread this message MORE — reach more people, dozens, hundreds, millions and billions even — with this message.

…for the environment, for our own health…

…but most of all — FOR THE ANIMALS!

Because they are the ones that suffer the most.

How can you start?

Check out this interview with Lindsay S. Nixon from, where she tells it all how it is — and what it takes to be successful.



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7+ Reasons Why EVERY Vegan Blogger Simply MUST Write and Publish a Book — Starting TODAY!


I have a DREAM that one day, vegan recipe books will be THE ONLY recipe books sold in online stores and brick-and-mortar bookstores; while the old books — the ones that objectify animals and encourage the use of animal ingredients — will only be available in libraries, next to topics like slavery, holocaust or child pornography.



Never gonna happen?

That I don’t know.

But what I do know is that it’s not going to happen any time soon…. unless we take publishing in our own hands.

Let’s face it we (vegans) are in the SLIM MINORITY RIGHT NOW, so we better get our sleeves rolled up and start writing and publishing LIKE CRAZY — all those vegan recipe books and other books that actually portray veganism in a way that it deserves to be portrayed, and animal rights in a way that does justice to the topic — or those shelves labelled ‘vegan’ will remain pretty empty…

…and I’m not saying they are empty right now — the number of books that are being published on the topic is growing and that’s SUPER EXCITING…

…and what’s great, I’m noticing those books INFILTRATING OTHER non-vegan sections of the stores — which is even more encouraging, because few people who are non-vegan deliberately go to the ‘vegan’ section to search for something to read….

But — here is the thing.

There need to be MORE.

More books on every topic, not just cookbooks. I mean, recipes are great, but there’s so much more to write about ….not just about recipe books — it’s all kinds of books!

Children’s stories, adult stories, novels, travel guides, how-to guides, pets, spirituality, gardening, fashion, housekeeping, and so on, and so forth.

Which brings me to the next issue — and that is ….


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