On Belief: Whether you believe something is possible or believe it’s not – You’re Right! 

The choice is yours. The choice is CLEAR.


Newsflash: Whether you believe you can ACHIEVE something, whether you believe that something is POSSIBLE, whether you believe that something can HAPPEN for YOU, whether you believe something can be EASY, or NOT – you are RIGHT.

So whether you think you CAN do it, or you think you CANNOT do it – in both cases you are correct. Whether you believe it can be EASY or whether you believe it has to be HARD, it’s probably true – for you.

I know – what an Earth shattering realization – not! And yet it is. Because even though you know this – everybody knows this – and we’ve all heard those stories of individuals who overcame great adversity or did things seemingly impossible – like making a metal thingy fly or landing on the Moon or doing something less spectacular like – I dunno – getting healthy and fit or running a marathon at 50 – you may still not believe this is true for you, not just for other people.

This is very unsettling, but also very comforting to know.

Because it means that you have much more control than you give yourself credit for.

Regardless of the circumstances, YOU are in the driver seat.

But you won’t get to where you want to go, if you don’t know where you’re going, and if you don’t believe you can.

It all starts with a vision and a belief.

Things in life don’t usually just RANDOMLY happen to people. I mean sometimes they do – like getting hit by a bus, inheriting a million of dollars, or breaking a leg. But that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking stuff like – building a successful business or career, writing and publishing a book, running a marathon, losing weight and fitting in your old jeans again, getting rid of disease, or changing the world – these things don’t just RANDOMLY HAPPEN (even if sometimes it may seem like they do).

These things happen to people who DELIBERATELY set off to achieve them – and it all starts with a clear INTENTION, a VISION of what it is you want and deep BELIEF that it can be done.

So, do you know what you want?
Do you know what you want your career, your business, your life to look like?
Not just the general stuff like ‘have more money’, ‘lose weight’. ‘travel the world’, ‘help people’ or ‘make a difference’. Almost everyone says that.


Do you believe that you can make an impact? Do you believe you can be making money doing what you love? Do you believe things can change? 

Because if you don’t know and you don’t believe – I can tell you right now you’re not going to get there, and it doesn’t matter how busy you are, or how hard you’re working.

But if you do – know and believe – and you start acting from that place – you can actually be successful at that and everything can be so much easier.

So why not just WAKE UP?
Why not set a clear intention of WHAT IT IS THAT YOU ACTUALLY WANT?
Why not create a VISION today?
Why not TAKE THE TIME to actually figure out how you want to live your life, what you want to achieve, what difference you want to make, what impact you want to have on this world?

Because if you don’t – you won’t.

If you don’t figure it out – you as sure as hell won’t achieve it.

Success doesn’t happen by chance. It may seem that certain things ‘just happen’. But even things like winning a lottery aren’t completely random, I mean, you had to go and buy the ticket in the first place, right?



Honestly, for me, it’s still a little bit FUZZY – which is most likely WHY I still haven’t achieved it. I mean, if I don’t know where I’m going – how the hell am I going to know that I’m THERE even if I do get there??? Duh!

So, let’s see…What I want is to make this world a better place, make a difference while also doing some awesome things like travel and have fun –blah, blah, blah –  that’s JUST WAY TOO GENERAL! And I don’t even have that deep belief that I’m ready to influence thousands or millions of people and make a real difference – you know, the certainty that you can feel in your bones (at least not yet).

So, more specifically, I want to inspire people to take action through my writing – via my blogging and books that reach thousands of people – to inspire people to BECOME THE CHANGE  they want to see in the world, and more than that – to start also LEADING that change, and I want to be able to make money doing that.

It’s a little better – but let’s dig deeper still. Who do you want to inspire? Who do you want to lead? The world needs more LEADERS. But not just LEADERS who lead FOR THE SAKE OF LEADING – if someone doesn’t have a vision and a GOAL that’s WORTHY – then it’s just blind leading the blind. We need LEADERS WITH WORTHY VISION – LEADERS WHO CAN LEAD US TO CREATE A BETTER WORLD.

A wold that’s more peaceful. A world that’s more just. A world that’s vegan.
Not leaders who create animosity, and conflict, who want to win regardless of the consequences.  Not leaders who believe in revenge, violence, protecting self-interests, competition,
Leaders who believe in justice, compassion, cooperation, sharing and a peaceful way of solving problems.

Also, the world needs more people who simply GIVE A DAMN.

So, through my writing I want to inspire people to wake up every day and LIVE LIKE WE GIVE A DAMN; and be the LEADERS and CREATORS of the world we desire to inhabit.

And I want people to realize that they can start doing that with simple things, things that are easy – like taking a bite to eat.

I want people to realize that with each choice, WE TAKE A STAND. Either for good, or for bad. For justice or against it.  Most people already believe that they are good and they believe in justice, so why not make choices that are a reflection of those beliefs – every day.

So, I want to write books, articles, blog posts and build a big social media following doing that. I want to build a community of leaders who will spread the change like wildfire. A community of people who do give a damn. And I want to make a living doing that.

I still need to get more specific – but it’s a start.

So what’s it going to be?

You’re doing the work already …

You’ve spent your entire LIFE preparing for this!

ALL you have to do is step out.

Enough being unsure and uncertain. Enough asking questions of worthiness or readiness.

So it’s time to believe.

Nobody else can do it but you.

It has to be you.

What’s the alternative? 

Joanna x




PS. Remember, nothing will happen, until you take action!