Attention: Vegan Bloggers, Authors, Activists, Speakers, Entrepreneurs, and simply Individuals with a DREAM, a PASSION and a STRONG DESIRE to change the world, open the eyes and the hearts, while living the lives of your dreams….

Have You Been Thinking
About Writing and Publishing a Book?

Did that thought cross your mind  – EVER? A couple of times?  Or maybe A LOT?

Have you been thinking about it CONSTANTLY?  Has it become an obsession?

Do you know with certainty that you want to do it — SOME DAY — and maybe you even started, but you’ve been procrastinating, and putting it off, and as each month and year goes by, you’re getting NOWHERE NEAR YOUR GOAL OF HAVING YOUR BOOK PUBLISHED ONLINE or maybe printed and in every bookstore, with raving reviews, and maybe even on the New York Times Bestseller list?

I believe that each one of us has a limited time in this world — so why not make things happen SOONER rather than later, and make your dreams a reality, right?


You want to be a published author…. You want to make a difference with your work. You want share your message. Leave a legacy. Help people. Help the animals. Change the world. Maybe even make a lot of money in the process….

But how?

The good news is that…

It’s easier than you think!

(Now,  I’m not talking about taking the traditional publishing route, finding an agent and getting your book in print — of course, that’s possible too, but I cannot help you with that, plus who knows how long it’s going to take. However, it’s super easy to get your book published ONLINE, and start building a legacy RIGHT NOW — it’s fast and easy, and you have a complete control over this process — as soon as you get over yourself and all the excuses that are stopping you right now.)

Don’t wait another year, don’t wait another day.

Write and publish your book online — like TODAY.

Or, if that’s too soon, let’s set the date in 6 weeks, but NOT A DAY later than that, okidoki?

I Challenge You to Come out of the Hiding, Start Speaking Up Like You MEAN it, Write and Publish Your Story, Build Your Platform, Share Your PASSION & Your MESSAGE & Make This WORLD a Better Place for ALL…

(…or forever hold your peace…if you even can…good luck with THAT 😉 )

…which brings me to this next question…

Do you need help?



Whatever your OFFLINE expertise or passion, you publish your book, do what you love, make a bigger difference, while also making money ONLINE, without compromising your values.

Let’s make a COMMITMENT, TAKE ACTION, and WRITE THIS BABY — and release it into the world — in 6 weeks or less.

Which brings me to my offer to you — to join my course, if you’d like my help.  I’ll provide you with the coaching, motivation, and some ass-kicking, if needed. Mind you, I won’t write the book for you, you’ll still have to DO THE WORK.

How to Write & Publish Your eBook in 6 Weeks or Less Interactive Course & Coaching!


Who is this for?

Vegan Bloggers, Authors, Coaches, Recipe Creators, or Individuals with a passion who want to share their story, while spreading the message of ethical vegan lifestyle!

Why do it?

A better question would be: Why not?

I could tell you here that information products are SUPER HOT right now. That eBook and eCourse sales are exploding. That you could be making a bigger difference, creating a legacy, and changing the lives and potentially — the world with your book. That there are people who are making millions online just selling their knowledge and telling their stories to audiences that are eager to hear what they have to say, and that could be YOU!

But you already know this, right?

This is all nice, but let’s talk straight about what truly matters here — and what matters is this:

If you’re reading this, it means YOU HAVE AN IDEA — a BOOK — INSIDE OF YOU, and this idea, this book MUST BE released into the world — and it has to be done BY YOU.

You are the one that has to do it.

Nobody else can do it, but you.

Because if somebody else does it — it’s going to be a completely different book, right?


So, let’s get to work!

How long will it take?

I Challenge You to Write and Publish and eBook in 6 Weeks or Less!

The course lasts 6 weeks, but if you already have a blog — you can probably get it done much faster, maybe even over one week or so.

Sign up for this course and find out how to choose an audience and a topic (you don’t have to write another vegan recipe book, unless you really want to), tell your story, write and publish your ebook on Amazon Kindle, and how to profit from it (and if you currently have a blog, I’ll teach you how to organize your blog content into a successful publication).



Just in case you are thinking–this is not for me, I could never write and publish a book, or even if I did no one would buy it — let me assure you, that to be a successful author you don’t need to be the next Dostoyevsky, and the knowledge you’ll need is NOT rocket science.

I believe that today, we have an unprecedented opportunity–and MORAL OBLIGATION, that was not here even 10 or 20 years ago, to spread our message and reach new audiences on the GLOBAL, MASSIVE SCALE.

It’s called the Internet.

Any chance that we will achieve what we want to achieve–a VEGAN WORLD–depends on spreading our message and growing our movement—and not just a little at a time, but A LOT.

What do I mean by a lot? I don’t mean hundreds, or thousands, or tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of new people embracing vegan lifestyle.

I don’t even mean hundreds of millions.

No, what I mean by a lot is billions and billions.

Only if the day comes when billions and billions of people believe in and practice the ideals that define veganism — only then will we have a realistic hope of achieving what we want to achieve.

Now, different people can have different reactions to the enormity of the challenge we face.

Once this challenge is drawn in terms of real (and very large) numbers, some of you may say, “The situation is hopeless!” Some will even go further and say, “The situation is so hopeless that I am throwing in the towel—giving-up—abandoning the cause.”

And some of you will decide that it’s time to STOP PLAYING SMALL and STEP UP OUR GAME.

This means writing books, creating courses, building email lists, spreading the message across multiple social media profiles, to reach a global audience, while creating abundance for yourself, so that you can keep building an even bigger platform, and reaching more people.

That’s why I invite you to join me by signing up for Book writing Course where I’ll guide you through the entire book creation and publishing process at discount of over 70% OFF the regular price for only $97.


BONUS OFFER: The first 5 people who sign up will also get the cover for their book professionally designed OR get their eBook formatted for Kindle and other devices for FREE.

How to Write & Publish Your eBook
Course Curriculum

What will be covered:

Ebook publishing is HOT and it’s going to get even hotter, as more and more people are switching from print to e-readers. In the first module, we’ll be covering how to become a published author! It’s not as difficult as you may think.

I’ll break down the process of ebook writing, editing and publishing, from idea to published product. I’ll guide step by step how to write, edit, publish and promote an ebook on Amazon Kindle, and start reaching hundreds or thousands of people instantly.

Here is what you will find out:

  • Why you should publish a book, even if you have a blog. Three top reasons why ebook publishing is better than writing a blog. The good news, you probably have most of the content for the book already written!
  • How to choose your topic that will inspire you to create truly great content that people will love to read. PLUS, what are my top three criteria to evaluate the topic for best long term results.
  • Don’t like to write? That’s OK! I have that covered, too. You’ll discover how to write and publish a book even if you HATE to write or believe you’re not good at it. You’ll learn my top 3 shortcuts to create high quality content that your audience will LOVE, without having to write it all by yourself.
  • Convert Your Blog To Kindle. If you already have a blog or website, you probably already have lots of great content that you can use for your ebook. I’ll teach you how to choose and organize the content, how to format it, and get it published on Amazon.
  • Tips on writing and publishing a Vegan Recipe Book with Recipe Writing Cheat Sheet. Tips on how to position your book for optimal sales and benefits.
  • But I don’t want to write a vegan recipe book! You don’t have to create another recipe site if you don’t want to. There are plenty of ways to promote compassionate lifestyle while writing about other topics. I’ll cover what are the best niches & genres for vegans, and what to do if none of these seem appealing.
  • The importance of telling your story and personal experience.
  • Best sources of quality pictures and graphics, free or low cost.
  • Editing, proof-reading & formatting your book.
  • Getting reviews that make people want to buy your book.
  • Coming up with a must-click title for your book
  • Designing a book cover that attracts clicks.
  • Pricing strategies. How much should your book cost?
  • How to promote your book for success.
  • Get your first readers. Where to find loyal readers and how to keep them with the power of communication.
  • Why stop at one, when you can be writing a series. Find out why it’s a good idea to write more than one book and how to map out your entire publishing calendar, even if you haven’t even written your first book yet.
  • How to OUTSOURCE tasks that you don’t like, or even the whole book, and get it done for much less than you think.
  • And much, much more…

This is a hands-on course, where you’ll be writing your book as we go along. All modules are hands-on, meaning I’ll be giving you strategies and homework to complete after each module, so at the end of the course, you’ll have concrete published book to show for it.

Whether you have one hour per day, per week or per month, with the right tools you could probably do much more that you are currently doing — you’d really be surprised!

I invite you to join me by signing up for Book writing Course where I’ll guide you through the entire book creation and publishing process at discount of over 70% OFF the regular price for JUST $97.


BONUS OFFER: The first 5 people who sign up will also get their eBook formatted for Kindle and other devices for FREE OR eBook cover designed.


PS. You may be wondering who I am – so here are some basic facts about me.

My name is Joanna Slodownik, and I’m a blogger, author, web designer, online marketer, a vegan, and an online marketing coach on a mission to help vegans (you!) use the power of online technology and business building strategies to take our online presence and activism to the next level, while also helping you make more money.

I strongly believe that by building a MASSIVE PLATFORM online for positive change (and profits), including creating websites, exploding social media presence, writing and publishing e-books, creating information products, e-courses, newsletters, webinars, podcasts, and membership sites; as well as using various business building strategies, we can create more LEVERAGE, build more MOMENTUM, and start taking our MESSAGE out to the world in a BIG WAY to make a bigger difference for the animals, while living the ethical lifestyle that we want.

I’ve been online for almost ten years years now. During this time I’ve been building websites, creating information products, writing ebooks, as well as providing web design and social media promotion services for authors, small businesses, and professionals. I run several websites and social pages about health and nutrition, that attract thousands of visitors each month. I have written, published and sold several books, some of them I sold via my websites, some of them are available on Amazon Kindle. I want to share with you what I learned over the years, what works and what doesn’t, based on my experience, as well as experience of others in expert interview series.  I hope you join me!

 Yes, Joanna, I want to become a published author and make money from my eBook!