Do you sometimes feel like you’re ALONE? I have this feeling sometimes that gets me really upset. Even with good friends, I can suddenly feel like on a desert island — or an alien planet. 

* Are you FRUSTRATED because you feel like you are NOT doing ENOUGH to help the animals and other causes that you care about deeply and madly?

* Are you OVERWHELMED with the enormity of the problems and the apparent indifference of the society in general, and your closest family and friends in particular?

* Are you STUCK in a situationa job, relationship, friendships—that question or are in conflict with your values? You would like to build your life, career and perhaps even a business helping animals, the environment, or doing other things that are close to your heart, but you heard that there’s no money in doing that, and you don’t think it’s realistic or something that you could do.

* Are you UNCERTAIN what is the best use of your time and money? You want to do so much and hope you could help change this world to be a better place for all; but you’re unsure what to do so end up to just make a donation to the first charity that sends you their promotional materials at the end of the year claiming a victory for the farmed animals?

* Are you UNSURE what to say to people and how to be a FORCE FOR GOOD in the world with so much disinformation, conflicting messages, sarcasm and even plain hostility towards this message of justice and compassion. Even vegans are often clashing with each other, so it’s not surprising that people are suspicious when they hear the word VEGAN. They don’t want to feel challenged, inconvenienced, overwhelmed — they prefer to stay “comfortably unaware.”

* Are you just plain BUSY with lots of things to do on your to-do list, and you don’t have much time to contribute to spreading the message that you care about deeply? Since you have little time and few resources, you are wondering how to leverage them to make the BIGGEST IMPACT?

* Do you wish you could devote more time and resources to promoting veganism, perhaps, even make a career out of it, but have heard that “there is no money in veganism,” the few jobs that are available working for vegan companies and non-profits are difficult to find and don’t really provide the income that you need to live comfortably.

* Do you have the feeling that TIME IS OF ESSENCE and that time is running out with climate change, environmental destruction, deforestation, species extinction, overfishing, water running out, wars and conflicts killing thousands each year, poverty killing millions, etc. — plus, of course, billlions of farm animals slaughtered yearly for human consumption. Some predictions are really catastrophic. Why cannot other people wake up and see the truth.


Do any of those ring true?

* None of your friends responds to your Facebook posts about veganism and you have a growing suspicion that they secretly blocked you from their feed, as they don’t want to see any more pictures of animal misery and recipes for egg-free broccoli casserole with tofurky sausage.

* The discussions you join in good faith on mainstream websites, trying to explain the idea behind veganism, which are peace, compassion and justice, usually turn ugly and put you on the defensive, with people with bizarre nicknames calling you names, throwing all kinds of accusations, remarks full of sarcasm and hatred, even though you tried to stay civil the whole time; leaving you feeling drained, disenchanted, and angry.

* If you try to ignore them and don’t comment, you end up feeling even worse, like a traitor.

* Your mother thinks you joined a dangerous sect (mine does!); and are going to permanently damage your children’s health, condemning them to the life of bland nutrition and limited social interaction (who would like to socialize with a grouch who doesn’t like pizza, burgers and tells everyone exactly where the meat for the hot dogs came from).

* Your blog and social pages (if you have them) attract mostly other vegans, and you wish you’d be reaching more diverse group of people, and not preach to the choir all the time.

* You end up spending most of your time in members-only Facebook groups with other vegans, venting your frustrations, but not reaching anyone new with the message.

Did you answer yes to any of these questions? If so, consider joining the TRIBE. 

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