How to Write And Publish FAST: Interview with Camilla Kristiansen, Success and Style Coach

Joanna Slodownik: People make such a HUGE DEAL of writing and publishing a book — it seems like such a daunting task. Maybe they are paralyzed by their own striving for perfection — and worry that if their book doesn’t make it to NYT Best Seller list it will be a failure –and by extension — they would have wasted a lot time and effort, not to mention they’d feel like a failure as well…

What would you say to someone who feels she has things to say, maybe even is already writing a blog or journal — but thinking I cannot publish a book, I’m not a writer, nobody would read my book — basically who gives up before they even started?

Camilla Kristiansen: I would say that you just should do it. If you have a message inside of you, and I think we all have it, then you better get it out of you. I don’t think about it anymore if the thing I write is perfect or okay. I just do it regardless on how I feel and what people might think about me. The thing is that if you want to write a book then now is the time. today. Start with one chapter and then the next one etc. Soon you will have a book. just start and give yourself permission to write.

JS: How did you get started? When and why did you decide to become an author?

CK: I started to write in 2011 in Norwegian. My first book was a style book that I published on, which is a great site to publish your own hardcopy books. It’s a print on demand store. Then I wrote 3 more books in Norwegian, more inspiring books for female entrepreneurs who have a dream inside of them. I just wrote it in word and sold it as a PDF book. Now I write 4 books a a month in English because I have so much on my mind and I can’t stop saying it. My message is to follow your dreams no matter what and take daily action. Then you will be happy.

How many books have you written and published so far?

CK: 3 in Norwegian and now 15 books on

How long did it take to write them?

CK: I write very fast. 6000 words each day and I did it in 3-4 days. A week is what I give myself to keep it up. My goal is to have over 48 books published on amazon in 2016. And I am on track:-)

What is your writing routine? How do you ‘get in the flow’?

CK: I don’t wait for flow. I just write. I set an intention that I must write, even if I don’t feel like it. Often I write 2 chapters in the morning and then 1 more in the evening. It depends but I never allow myself to get into the flow. I just do it.

How many words do you write in a day?

CK: Between 2000 and 6000. and then I also have my daily blog that I write, but that is a short blog post to kick myself and others women into action.

People sometimes think that books just sell themselves. Truth is even established authors work hard at promoting their books — the publishers don’t usually do it for them. What are you doing to promote your book, share your message and build your tribe?

CK: I guess this is where I have to up level my thing a little bit more. I am too lazy to promote, but I send it to my email list, promote it on social media and I post in book groups online. I could have done so much more, but I guess people just find my books when they see me online and when I share my message (which I do every day).

How are you building a community (tribe) of people who resonate with your message and how are you helping them?

CK: I connect with them via my newsletter, social media and in my FREE Facebook group called Kick Ass Coaching with Camilla. I also have my own local entrepreneur women group here in Norway where I share my message and help other reach their goals. We are now nearly 200 in it. I help my tribe with my mentoring, coaching and my books. And do a lot for free, but I have to charge for things or else you don’t have a business, just a hobby.

How are the books helping you build a business doing what you love and make money?

A: I earn money every single month because of my books. The more I write the more I make. and a book is also a up sell. If people like my books they will connect and work closer with me via my mentoring or coaching programs.

I see you out there every day showing up, sharing your message, helping people — as a vegan stylist and business coach — and having a blast doing that.  Can you really make money doing what you love?

CK: Yes you can. You have to just decide it and then make it happen. Success will come when you are ready for it, you have to take daily small action steps and then when you do your daily work you will make money. Be in it to win it, it will take time and if you are in it for a quick fix then I think you will be disappointed. Building a business takes time, but if you hustle you will make it.

What else would you like to share with us today?

CK: Follow your dreams and make it happen. If I can do it so can you. I’m living in a small town in Norway with only 50.000 people in it. If I can make money doing what I love and reach clients online, you can do it. Start today and write that book, start your business and do whatever ti takes. This is your life happening right now. If you want to get started in your business or need to be more authentic then grab your FREE copy of my ebook online here and join me and other kick ass women in my FREE Facebook group Kick Ass coaching with Camilla here

Thank you Camilla!

CK: Thank you Joanna. Have a lovely day:-)


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