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SHINE YOUR LIGHT So Others Are DRAWN To It, Instead of Showing a Flashlight in Their Face Trying to Force Them to CARE


Reminder (and Note to Self):

‘SHINE YOUR LIGHT so others are DRAWN to it, instead of just showing a flashlight in their face desperately trying to force them to pay attention or even care…’

What does it look like?

What would this look like for YOU?

Think authenticity.
Think honesty.
Listening to others, understanding where they’re coming from…but also…
Speaking your truth from the heart, no sugarcoating…
While being assertive and sure of yourself and your message,
Without having to know it all or having all the answers.
Helping and providing value,
With clear intentions and yet…
With no attachment to the outcome.

Keep showing up in the world in a way that RINGS TRUE to you, FEELS AUTHENTIC and EXCITES YOU where you are visible because of how bright you (and your message) shine rather than because ‘you’re running down the street naked with bells on.’

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What Would You Be Doing If You Were Limitless (and Knew You Could NOT FAIL)?

What would you be doing with your time if you knew you were supported no matter what? What would you dedicate your life to if you knew you could not fail? Are you — secretly — a Superman or a Superwoman on a mission to change the world? If you believe that you have a calling, if you have a message to share, a revolution to start (or join) — then it’s time to step up and own it. There is no time like the present — it is such a gift (it’s literally called a present — a gift, right?) — and you shouldn’t be wasting another day, another minute not living your calling and not fulfilling your mission.

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The Infuriating Truth of Why People Don’t Respond To Your Social Media Updates

So, you’ve created your social media profiles and even posted some updates, like everyone told you should, but no one seems to care?
Noone clicked, retweeted, liked, shared or commented?
Noone cared enough to follow you, not to mention reach out to you, sign up for your newsletter, or buy from you?
How come they didn’t realize how awesome you are?
How is that possible that they didn’t grasp the importance of what you have to say? That nobody noticed the potentially life-changing, transformational effect it can have on their lives once they get it?
Didn’t they see the genuine passion you have for what you do shining through? Didn’t they feel the excitement when they read your posts or hear the fire in your voice when listening to your audio or watching the videos?

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