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KICKASS Vegans CRUSHING IT! Interview with Lindsay S. Nixon from Happy Herbivore


Do you want to do MORE for the animals?

Are you wondering how YOU can help?

Could you perhaps be making a BIGGER DIFFERENCE in the world while also living the life of your dreams?

If you want to be inspired, look at those who are ALREADY doing it – and are CRUSHING IT! – and learn from them.

But most of all — START TAKING ACTION — TODAY!

Don’t wait another year, don’t waste another day!

We’re in such minority, and the task ahead is so GIGANORMOUS that we ALL should be CRUSHING IT!

We should all be taking action, each and every day, in a way that challenges us and those around us, to spread this message MORE — reach more people, dozens, hundreds, millions and billions even — with this message.

…for the environment, for our own health…

…but most of all — FOR THE ANIMALS!

Because they are the ones that suffer the most.

How can you start?

Check out this interview with Lindsay S. Nixon from, where she tells it all how it is — and what it takes to be successful.



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Are you filling your life with C.R.A.P.? Two Morning Rituals That Changed My Life

Are you filling your life with C.R.A.P.?

How much NEGATIVITY are you consuming every day (willingly or unwillingly)?How much JUNK are you allowing into your body – and your mind – before your day even really begins?Are you setting yourself up for SUCCESS – and an awesome day (and life) – with enthusiasm, energy, motivation and optimism that YOU’VE GOT IT under control?Or are you setting yourself up for FAILURE – with negativity, pessimism, fear, chaos (always falling behind schedule), procrastination (I don’t want to do this!) and guilt?

What you do first thing in the morning can change the way you feel and go about your day – so it’s critical to start your day right.

With the right nourishment for your body – and mind.

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My ‘SECRET FORMULA’ Revealed: Green Reset in a Nutshell, or What Drinking Green Smoothies and Juices Can Do For YOU!


The biggest benefit of drinking green smoothies and juices?

Is that they make healthy nutrition much EASIER.



The whole secret formula you need to know and follow?

Blend it. Juice it. Drink it. Repeat.



(and I PROMISE YOU that if you drink ENOUGH – you won’t even WANT what’s bad for you – at least not as much as you did before.)

If you establish the routine of getting ENOUGH INGREDIENTS for blending and juicing, and making sure they are always READILY AVAILABLE in your kitchen – maybe even pre-washed and pre-cut in advance, if you are that kind of super-organized freak person (I’m NOT!); as well as your blender and/or juicer is always there waiting for you on the kitchen counter to do your thing –

Then it’ll be super EASY to make drinking green smoothies and juices into a daily HABIT, which means, you’ll be FLOODING YOUR BODY WITH THE HIGH QUALITY NUTRIENTS IT NEEDS REGULARLY – which will then almost automatically REDUCE CRAVINGS for the foods that aren’t serving you (you may still think about them, but even if you do have them eventually, you’ll not eat as much of them), not to mention it will give you MORE ENERGY, and if you do it long enough – it will probably improve your health to the point where your pesky problems disappear (like recurring colds and allergies disappeared from my life – I hope forever!).

Another benefit is increased MENTAL CLARITY. Your mind will never get foggy like it does after you eat a big and heavy meal and you’ll NEVER NEED A NAP after drinking a smoothie, doesn’t matter how big – quite the opposite! You’ll have the feeling – ‘Wow, what else can I do that’s GOOD FOR ME – and for the world…?’

So that’s what you’ll get.

Enough complaining that you don’t have time to eat healthy! That it’s not tasty. That you get cravings that are stronger than you — which you simply CANNOT RESIST.

Enough with the excuses!


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I’ve Fallen off the Wagon (Again!) – Time for the Green Reset CHALLENGE & REVOLUTION with Green Smoothies and Juices


I’ve fallen off the Wagon (Again!) –
Time For Green Reset Challenge with Green Smoothies and Juices!

It’s that time of the year again!

When it’s so easy to fall of the wagon…

What wagon?

(NOT the vegan wagon, for sure!)

The healthy-eating wagon, the hot-body and optimal-weight wagon, the exercise-and-fitness wagon, the green smoothie and juicing wagon – [choose all that apply and insert your wagon here…]

With holidays and MAJOR FEASTING TIME almost over, but with months of cold, winter days still ahead – meaning staying mostly inside, and facing cravings, sunshine deficiency resulting in low energy and mild depression – it’s time to activate the KICKASS NINJA TACTICS, and get you into THE ZONE again – winter and cold BE DAMNED!

–>>> keep reading or go straight to sign up for the GREEN RESET FORMULA & REVOLUTION offer HERE <<<–


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Reminder: You can do what’s on your To-Do List, or You can do What-Matters-To-You – the choice is YOURS. And then you die.



So, you don’t have time to do what matters to you? To speak your truth every day? Really? That’s your excuse?

Reminder: You can do what’s on your To-Do List, or You can do What-Matters-To-You – the choice is Yours Every Day, Every F*Hour. And then you die.

So let’s talk HOW TO FIND TIME. Creating – starts with creating time.

Life Hacks for Vegan Warriors & Creators: The Magic of 5:30 AM

Creating, living your purpose, speaking your truth – starts with creating time.

Creating TIME for yourself.  Time to write. Time to create. Time to reflect on things. Time to read and think and take action on things that are most important to you. During the day – it’s hard. There are too many distractions. It’s not that I’m not THINKING about those things, but I just don’t have enough quiet, uninterrupted time to focus on what I really need to do; no – on what I MUST do, to get those ideas out of my head and into the world – because I seem to be called to do it (I guess this is called your purpose? Destiny? Mission? – whatever. It simply MUST BE SAID, CREATED, LET OUT – or else … I don’t know? I’ll die bitter and unfulfilled? Maybe, maybe not. Certain things will remain UN-DONE and UN-SAID? Maybe, but maybe not – maybe someone else will say them better. So I guess it is a calling.

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I feel so alone

I went to a small gathering with friends last night, and again, I felt like I’m alone. Like I’m the only one in this world where exploiting and killing animals – is the NORM. And NOT DOING THAT – it’s just WEIRD. Extreme....

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