Are you upset about what happened to Cecil, the lion?

Do you believe what the American dentist did was despicable?

Do you think he deserves all the outraged comments, death threats, and legal persecution?

This past week we witnessed the true power of the social media as the outrage against the Minnesota dentist unleashed. The message about the killing travelled fast and wide; with photos, videos, and comments shared by thousands on their Facebook timelines and Twitter feeds.

Outraged animal lovers left their comments on Palmer’s dental practice pages, to the point that he had to remove the page from Facebook. Thousands of people have signed a petition, intended for Zimbabwe’s president, demanding justice for Cecil, and angry animal rights supporters have gone online to express their outrage at Dr. Palmer.

The commenters don’t mince their words either:

“Walter Palmer is a murderer and a monster…. and Yelp supports psychopaths,” says Lucy D. from Los Angeles, CA.

“I would love to see another picture of you, with your head up on the wall to accompany all of these defenseless animals you have so shamelessly murdered…all for your personal gain. I really hope Karma shows her royal ass when it comes to what you have coming. You are a Psychopathic, useless person and should be thrown into a Lions den….let Nature teach you the lessons you need to learn.”  — comments M M. from Fayetteville, GA.

“Dr. Palmer, you will soon pay for your horrible crime! You are a murderer and a coward! You are so far from being a man. You are a disgusting excuse for a human being and you will pay the price in prison! I hope you are mauled by a pack of prisoners and left to suffer a slow, painful death,” chimes in Max G. from New York, NY.

“Am sure that as a dentist you used to make fortune money out of which just a tiny portion could’be been used for well-being of helpless, poor people but misfortunately, you had happened to spend $50,000 to kill a helpless lion just for the sake of pleasure ???
I HOPE YOU ROTT IN HELL !!! “ warns Jonathan C. from Hyannis, MA.


The comments are anonymous; but the raw emotions, the anger, the outrage are there for the whole world to see.

At the risk of being accused of pushing my own agenda (and I’ve seen comments like this on Twitter – “Vegans, stop using Cecil to push your own agenda,” but I’m going to do it anyway), I want to ask all of you –

…if you are upset about what had happened, and perhaps shared the news with your friends, commented, or signed the petition – to take a broader view of what happened to that lion and why it makes you angry.

One reason is of course, because a beautiful animal died, killed in a despicable manner, for no other reason than excitement and amusement – which hunting is to some people.


…if you are outraged by taking a life of an animal for no other reason than personal pleasure – as I am – then perhaps it’s time to consider what you’re putting on your plate every day.

…if you watched the video about Dr. Palmer and the hunt and it made you angry, then perhaps it’s time that you watch footage from a slaughterhouse where animals are being killed by the billions to satisfy our appetites.

…if you signed a petition demanding punishment for Dr. Palmer, and believe that animals deserve protection –deserve a life, so trophy hunting should be banned – perhaps you’d take it one step further, and consider banning dead animals from your plate.

If you felt outrage and anger looking at the photos of dead Cecil the lion – you now know how vegans feel looking at your plate filled with animal flesh.

“A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.” #quote

The words were supposedly said by the dictator Joseph Stalin, and provide a haunting insight into the way our minds work.

A single death of a beautiful lion named Cecil is a tragedy and provokes outrage; a million deaths is just another day, business-as-usual in millions of farms around the world (and not just factory farms, mind you).

If you believe in Karma and KARMA IS indeed a BITCH (as Jonathan C. from Hyannis, MA. so eloquently explains) – then God and Universe help us…as we are all going to “ROT IN HELL.”


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