Note: This post has been inspired by the news The rescue of ‘Miss Ice River’: Duluth man saves deer from frigid water”about a man who risked his life to save a deer from drowning.


Looking for Life’s Purpose and Passion? Become an Every-Day Hero and Start Living Like You Actually Give a Damn!

Even though everyone has the potential to become a hero, becoming a hero is not for everyone.

At least that’s what is generally believed.

First of all, it is not for the faint of heart. It involves taking a HEROIC ACTION of some sort – and usually even RISKING YOUR LIFE in the process – so it requires a higher-than-average level of COURAGE. A hero conquers his or her fears, ignores adversity, and acts where others would simply run away or look the other way. It calls for certain degree of SELFLESSNESS – as a hero puts his or her own interests away and is willing to make a sacrifice – in order to perform the act of heroism.

It also requires an OPPORTUNITY to present itself – whereby a hero is called to take the heroic action and actually become a hero – this is a critical component, because even though many people DREAM about becoming a hero, and many people have the POTENTIAL to become one; not everyone will become an ACTUAL hero in their lifetime.

Unfortunately for heroes, many acts of heroism remain unrecognized. However, heroes do what they do just because they’re CALLED TO DO IT, not to gain fame or recognition; they would do it even if no one was watching – just because it’s the right thing to do, they cannot NOT take an action – or they would have to live forever with the question of ‘what if’ tormenting them in their conscious life and coming to haunt them at night in their dreams.

What’s interesting is how becoming a hero today is different than it used to be.

The main difference being that today you can capture your own heroism on video – so you don’t just become an ordinary, nameless hero that no one even heard of – in which case your heroism is just between you and whomever you saved (if  your heroism involved the act of saving someone).

Today, you can become a hero who is RECOGNIZED and FAMOUS –

And let your act live as your LEGACY.

It just takes a little forethought – before you go on a rescue mission or perform your act of heroism – first of all make sure you carry your cell phone (charged!) with you at all times, as you never know when the OPPORTUNITY will present itself, and then in the heat of the moment, you mustn’t forget to set it to ‘record.’

Then when you’re finished – post it to Youtube and kick back, enjoying the feeling of having done what you’ve done – watching the viewer counter and the number of likes climb. At that point it’s only a matter of time before the reporters start calling you for interviews….

Like this man I saw on the news the other day– who risked his life to save a deer from freezing in ice-cold water, recorded it on video, which then got picked up by media and news stations around the world.

‘Using American Sign Language, the man — who shot the video himself — recounts how he was driving, saw the deer struggling in the river and felt he had to do something. Petting the deer, he names the animal “Miss Ice River” and says he’s glad it survived.

“It was certainly risky going out on that ice, but something in my heart made me feel obligated to save this creature,” Steven Peterson said.

Peterson had set his phone up to shoot video while he was out on the ice — but when he got back to it, he said, he found it had tipped over and only captured part of the rescue (that’s the video at the top of this story). He brushed off the snow, and then filmed the post-rescue clip that made its way online.

“I felt so proud and overjoyed that I overcame the challenge of the situation. The deer could have drowned at any time, but I was able to rescue it on my own.”

‘He returned to Duluth and shared the photos and video with family and friends.

“Hearing about Steve’s heroism didn’t surprise me at all — he’s very compassionate, he’s an avid outdoorsman … it’s just amazing that he could even spot this deer in distress,” said his sister Trish Earley of Duluth. “He’s just a very gentle, caring soul and would help anybody or anything that needed him to.”’

This is a perfect winter story for warming up hearts and inspiring hope for the better world around the New Year – a man risks his life to rescue a deer from an icy cold water, captures the rescue on video, and thus creates a true legacy– for everyone to see and even the future generations, provided they are endowed with an electronic device that has access to the internet.

It may sound like I’m mocking this man – or other heroes – especially those who put themselves on Youtube – but I’m NOT.

I think that what that man had done was admirable – I don’t think I’d be able to do the same if given the circumstances.

I don’t think I’d be willing to go out there and risk drowning in ice-cold water (perhaps even freezing to death before drowning – which is even worse, as I hate even slightly cold water – and don’t even go into pools during summer unless they have proper temperatures, and getting wet with ice-cold liquid – no thanks!)

Except – you don’t have to be a fucking hero to save a life of animal.

Becoming a hero doesn’t necessarily involve risking your life.

Which means – you can perform a heroic act – without the need to jump into ice-cold water.

I have no doubt that this man is as caring and compassionate person as the article describes him to be, but being an obnoxious, judgmental, self-righteous vegan that I am – I cannot help but wonder – would this man refuse a tasty venison dish? I bet not.

I bet he even treated himself to a delicious dinner involving if not deer, then some other kind of animal flesh.

Which means that an animal had to die.

Which means that he risked his life to save one life, but he’s okay with taking another …? It doesn’t make much sense, does it?

It seems to me that if one cares so much about the others – one would not just do things to save them when they’re on the verge of freezing and drowning – but would also care enough not to hurt them by their actions, and not to benefit from someone else hurting them (meaning somebody else kills the animal for you to eat).

You may argue that it’s not the same – because you’re not ACTUALLY SAVING ANYONE. At the end of the day – you cannot just kickback and look at the pictures or videos of the ONE ANIMAL that you saved – and you may even question yourself – whether what you’re doing is making any f*cking difference.


So maybe you’re not allowed to wear an actual badge of a TRUE HERO.

Poor you.


Is that what’s most important to you?

And what is heroism anyway?  Who is a hero?

To me, a hero is not just someone who lays down his own life so that others can live. It’s also someone who helps without anything expected in return. Their gesture may be big or small, profound or not, it doesn’t make them any less of a hero.

You can be a hero in a comfort of your home.

You can be a hero without risking your life.

You can be a hero without enduring hardships – like going into ice-cold water.

You can be a hero in your kitchen.

You can be a hero every time you eat out at a restaurant.

You can be a hero when you go grocery shopping.

You can be a hero when you take an animal home from a shelter.

What’s interesting to consider is that a hero doesn’t have to be a decent person.  You can become a hero just by virtue of committing one BIG ACT OF HEROISM.

But how about becoming a HERO in your every-day life.

By committing SMALL ACTS of heroism every day – selflessly putting aside your habits and preferences, enduring what may seem like hardships at first, but really are small inconveniences, without expecting anything in return.

You can become an every-day hero by simply going vegan.

Why not start today?

Let’s change the world TOGETHER, SOONER rather than later.

If not you, then who?

If not now, then when?




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