Vegan is NOT synonymous with PERFECT HEALTH.

Just as it’s not synonymous with LACK OF HEALTH, being weak or deficient.

While becoming vegan doesn’t automatically guarantee a perfect health, there is no reason why a vegan (you!) couldn’t take care of your body and what you put into it – to make sure you are the HEALTHIEST, most ENERGETIC, KICKASS.SHIT.HOT.VEGAN that you can be.

Let’s face it: being vegan is not synonymous with perfect health. Or perfect body weight. Or perfect skin. Vegans can and do get sick. There are vegans who look unhealthy. Vegans who have acne. Vegans who are overweight.

While there are people who are touting the vegan diet as the healthiest diet and an easy way to lose weight – truth is EATING VEGAN doesn’t necessarily EQUATE with eating HEALTHY – I mean French fries, ketchup, Coca Cola and Oreos are all vegan – but you wouldn’t be thriving if you based your life on such foods, right??!

On top of that, promoting veganism as an easy and all-inclusive solution to global health crisis, environmental crisis, global warming, as well as ethical and moral crises (and the best way to bring on the world peace) – can be a turn off for many people as they see those claims as being unrealistic at best, and obnoxious and self-righteous at worst; plus it’s an easy path to disappointment – producing a lot of disillusioned vegans who then write posts and articles on ‘how the vegan diet failed them’, ‘why I’m not vegan anymore’ and how ‘veganism when taken to its logical conclusion will bring on the extinction of the human race’ and the like.

And then there are times when a vegan gets sick – and when you do, you can hear the comments like – ‘She’s vegan, it’s obviously not the healthiest way to eat,’ or ‘You should have more real food – especially protein. Have some chicken soup (if you have a cold), it will make you stronger and you’ll feel better faster’ – or something equally annoying.

However, being vegan is NOT ABOUT HEALTH. It’s not about DIET.  It’s certainly NOT about YOU.  

So, while I don’t agree with advocating vegan diet as a healthy diet and a weight-loss diet, or even don’t like using the word DIET in the context of VEGANISM – which is really a LIFESTYLE that’s based on JUSTICE, COMPASSION, AND CARING – with that being said –

There is no reason why a vegan (you!) couldn’t take good care of your body and what you put into it – to make sure you are the HEALTHIEST, most ENERGETIC, KICKASS.SHIT.HOT. VEGAN that you can be – and the object of envy and desire, if that’s what you want 😉 , as well as the perfect advocate for this lifestyle.

Let’s face it, you’re feeling crappy or looking crappy, it affects all areas of your life. And then if people in your circle of influence – if god-forbid they try to eat vegan and they feel crappy and want to quit – then this a lost opportunity, maybe forever, and not just one – if they tell everybody about how ‘veganism is not sustainable’ and how they immediately ‘felt better when they started eating meat again.’

That’s why I want to invite you to join the Green RESET Revolution & Vegan Challenge.

Take the Vegan Challenge — by joining the Green RESET Revolution!

Why do a the Green Reset & Vegan Challenge?

It’s an opportunity to cleanse, detox and reboot.  To take a break from highly processed foods and foods that don’t serve you and experience the wonder of eating a whole-plant diet.

To reset you do not need expensive juices, supplements or prepared shakes.

All you need is a real food, nutrient dense meal plan and a few recipes, tricks and tactics — to make it all EASY for yourself.

You also need a blender and/or a juicer (you can probably find one or both of those appliances somewhere in your kitchen — OR you can ask around your family and friends if they have one that they don’t use, OR you can go to a site such as eBay to buy one for cheap; OR just go to a f*cking store and invest in yourself by simply buying them today!)

You can get the recipes and health tips all over the internet — there are plenty of places where you can find those OR you can join my Green RESET Formula & Kickass Vegan Challenge which will help you have a positive RESET experience.

I have marked the price way down to the equivalent of a couple lattes. Not only will you receive the full Green RESET Formula (read below for all that is included in this awesome package), you will also receive the Vegan Recipes and Challenge.

I have been promoting the Green RESET program for years, and have seen some amazing results from our community doing the green smoothie and juicing cleanse, including shedding 10 lbs easily, improved digestion, clearer skin, better sleeps and increased energy levels.

Now you can create these results for yourself!

***Note: For all Tribe members and those who join the Green Reset Revolution this is a free resource. You do not have to purchase this.

So, what is this program about?

It’s designed to help you become the HEALTHIEST, most ENERGETIC, KICKASS.SHIT.HOT.VEGAN You Can Be!

This program is about making veganism EASY and HEALTHY at the same time. It includes LOADS of leafy greens, fruits and veggies, in the form of green smoothies, juices, soups, salads and other nutrient-dense, minimally processed whole-plant-foods with high-raw, vegan eating challenge that comes with a full ebook containing an eating plan, recipes, guidelines, motivation as well as weekly emails.

Eating a high fruit and vegetable diet that are as close as possible to their true state in nature is the best way to fuel your body with energy.  It is truly the most vibrant, naturally energizing, nutrient dense way to eat.

How we eat fuels our whole life. What we consume daily effects how we feel, how we think, our physical health, energy levels and emotions.

When we get busy we turn away from foods that are more natural and seem to turn to convenience foods that are usually highly processed foods, filled with ingredients that don’t serve us well. This is true for vegans and non-vegans alike. Many vegans fall into a processed foods, high carb, high sugar lifestyle.

This The Green RESET Formula & Kickass Vegan Challenge is perfect non-vegans, vegans and vegetarians that are looking to eat a healthy nutrient dense vegan diet!

Who is it for?

  • For everyone!
  • If you are looking to include more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet, in a way that’s easy and hassle-free (and delicious even for the pickiest-eaters)
  • If you wish you could reset or gain control of your eating habits
  • If you are looking to try a vegan based diet
  • If you are looking to do a gentle cleanse
  • If you are looking to try a cruelty free way of eating
  • If you are looking to reduce cravings or control your appetite
  • If you are looking to get more energy, detox your body, clean up your digestive tract or clear your skin
  • If you are just looking for something new and fresh to try to move towards a more healthy lifestyle
  • If you want to do all this in a way that’s EASY, FUN, and DELICIOUS

Why do the RESET?
There are many different reasons to do the Green RESET & Vegan Challenge. Some can be:

  • For increased energy
  • Get sick less often (or stop getting sick at all!)
  • Better digestion
  • Weight Loss
  • Reduced sugar cravings
  • Feeling lighter 
  • Improved sleep
  • Mental clarity

What is included?
Full program containing:

  • The Green Reset Formula: Green Smoothies and Juices
  • Beyond Smoothies and Juices: Your Plant-Based Eating Plan
  • Soups, Salads, and All-Vegan Recipes
  • Healthy Eating Guidelines, Shopping Tips, Shopping Lists
  • Weekly Email Motivation
  • Tips, Tricks, Ninja Hacks and Guidance

What should I expect?
Expect some awesome changes – possibly a MAJOR TRANSFORMATION – feel amazing mentally and physically that goes BEYOND replacing some ingredients with other, but changes you literally INSIDE OUT. 



If you want to join the program, I invite you to join for a greatly reduced price that’s only going to be valid till January 15th. To join the Green RESET Revolution —>>> go HERE.