One of the questions that I’ve been asking myself daily for quite some time – is HOW CAN I HELP?

How can I help this world get a little better?
How can I help others feel better, look better and be better?
How can I help people achieve their goals?
And also, lately (i.e. for the past three years) – how can I help the animals be freed from our obsessive need to oppress and exploit them for our own pleasure and benefit?

How can make the best use of my talents, skills and time – and make a contribution to the society and the world – that has a bigger purpose and meaning?

I believe that each one of us has a limited time in this world — so why not make the best use of it, right?!

So, through deep introspection and analysis 😉 I’ve identified two areas that I feel knowledgeable and experienced enough to be able to really not just help by giving you more information, tips or tactics, but providing a DEEP and PROFOUND TRANSFORMATION! — and those are:

(drum roll….)


#1 Helping You With Body & Mind TRANSFORMATION Beginning with Food. 

The first is HELPING YOU TRANSITION to PLANT-RICH EATING and to VEGANISM – whether that means dipping your toe in the water by starting to add MORE FRUITS, VEGETABLES, and GREENS to your diet in because you want to be healthier, lose weight or get more energy; or going all the way and becoming vegan;or if you’re already vegan — to become KICKASS.SHIT.HOT.HEALTHY vegan that you know you can be – I can help you do that in a way that’s delicious, and fun, and easy (beginning with my signature Green Reset Formula)!

It’s not just about substituting some ingredients for other — like replacing meat with broccoli, for example (and I completely sympathize with you if you absolutely, positively HATE broccoli) — No, it’s about so MUCH MORE THAN THAT. It’s about TRANSFORMING the way you nourish your body — and mind.

I’ll provide you with my personal guidance – as a self-appointed Green Smoothie Queen and Vegan Lifestyle Coach :-), and officially Certified Juice Guru Practitioner – I’ll help you with the motivation, filling your pantry, daily routines, recipes, as well as tips on what to do when eating out.  Join my Green Reset Revolution or contact me about VIP personal coaching package.

I’ll personally guide you in those areas – and help you get rid of LAME EXCUSES and MENTAL BLOCKS – of why you cannot stick with proper habits – and keep sabotaging yourself.


#2 Helping Your Online Biz/Social Media/Visibility TRANSFORMATION Beginning with YOU. 

The second area I can help is EXPLODING your visibility online – with a right set of online marketing tools and strategies that are in alignment with WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU STAND FOR.

I can help you spread YOUR MESSAGE AND PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS – NOT by applying cookie-cutter marketing tactics and ploys, but by digging DEEP to identify what you really stand for (YOUR MESSAGE), WHO do you want to reach (YOUR TRIBE), and how you can HELP THEM, and then going out and finding those people online – or rather I should say – allowing THEM to FIND YOU! (Tip: right now they probably cannot find you, because you are not making yourself visible enough to be found by them.) I’ve been doing online marketing for many years now, and I know that you don’t need another tactic or tool – if you ARE MISSING TWO MOST IMPORTANT INGREDIENTS in what you’re doing – those two ingredients trump all the tactics that the gurus teach, and then some.

You see, it doesn’t really matter how BEAUTIFUL your WEBSITE is or HOW OFTEN you’re posting to SOCIAL MEDIA – although I certainly can (and WILL!) – help you with both of those things (building beautiful websites and creating a social media strategy are two areas that I’m really good at) – but if even one of those crucial ingredients that I mentioned is missing – then SUCCESS is going to be so much harder – and why make it hard when it can be EASY?

So, yes, I’ll help you with your website and your social media — as well as getting your book published on Amazon, your first webinar scheduled, or whatever else you want to do.

But I’ll also make sure that your online marketing STICKS. That people (the right people!) RESPOND. That they FOLLOW YOU and LOVE YOU and TRUST YOU. So that YOU can help THEM.

To get in touch with me about scheduling a DISCOVERY SESSION – a friendly talk about what you may need to increase your visibility online EXPONENTIALLY, and leting me help you identify what you ABSOLUTELY MUST DO and what you DON’T NEED TO DO, and  whether or not you’re MISSING THOSE CRUCIAL INGREDIENTS in the way you present yourself online – fill out this form and I’ll send you a link to schedule a Skype talk. Or – friend me on Facebook  and message me – let’s have a quick chat there to see if we are a good fit.


So, How Can I Help YOU?

I know that you probably don’t need more information.

You don’t need reading about more research and facts and statistics. You don’t need another tactic or tool.

What you may need though, is help with implementation.

Putting all that useful information to good use.

To get the TRANSFORMATION that you desire, to create the CHANGE and reach the GOALS that you want to achieve – it’s not about learning or researching more stuff.

It’s not about knowing more FACTS, weighting PROS and CONS, listening what the EXPERTS and GURUS have to say more….

It’s not simply about EDUCATION any more (although getting the right information, education and all the facts is essential).

But it’s about TAKING ACTION. The RIGHT action.


Talk is cheap. Information is cheap. You can google anything and find the answers fast and easy (whether or not these are the most relevant answers, or even the CORRECT answers is irrelevant – what everybody is looking for are FAST and EASY RESULTS).

Buying another ebook or program – when you KNOW you’re not going to implement it – or often even read the whole thing – is not going to bring you results.

So if you feel like you’re stuck and need some help to get UNSTUCK — let’s talk.

Simply fill out this form – Strategy Session Questionnaire  or – Friend me on Facebook  and message me – let’s have a quick chat there to see if we are a good fit.


Let’s change the world TOGETHER, SOONER rather than later!

If not NOW, then when?

If not YOU then who?


Joanna x