The 30 Day Vegan Hustle:

What are you doing TODAY — RIGHT NOW — to hustle?

YES, we (vegans) spend a lot of time talking and complaining how bad the situation is and how come people still don’t get it and still don’t care….

And how heartbreaking it is to even THINK about it (it absof*cking*lutely is!)

But here is the reality of today, and tomorrow as well:

Talking and complaining is not the solution.
Waiting for things to happen or for others to do the job for us is not going to be enough.
Wishing and waiting for things to be different is not going to get the job done.
Being sad and overwhelmed and not knowing how — is not going to cut it.

Simply BEING the change, is not the same as taking action — and HUSTLING DAILY — to make the change happen.

So, whether it’s Sunday morning — Monday evening — Wednesday night — or Thursday afternoon, …

Let me ask you … what are you up to?

Are you hustling?

Or are you checking things off your to-do list?
Groceries, laundry, pickup the kids, going to work, or back from work?
All important and necessary…

Perhaps you are relaxing on the couch, checking Facebook and Instagram; or watching your favorite show on TV, complaining how you cannot watch the Food Network any more since you went vegan, or any other channel really — because of all the meat eating propaganda… It’s so tough being vegan — you do need some down time and inspiration….

Is this what is going on?

Or are you hustling? With your head in the game? Giving it your all?

Are you by any chance:

Learning new things… Acquiring new skills…. Reading and researching… Thinking up strategy and tactics…
Masterminding…. Brainstorming… Trying new things…. Testing different angles….

On a more practical level, for example:

Have you published your blog post, your social media updates?
Have you talked to a restaurant owner or shop owner in your neighborhood asking about adding vegan items?
Are you getting familiar with legislative process where you live, and what laws that concern the animals are being reviewed and passed?
Have you written a letter or called your representatives to tell them how you feel about those laws?
Do you have a list of freelance reporters and papers that regularly publish opinion pieces from the public — and have you written them a letter recently?
Have you posted some fliers in your neighborhood lately? ….

Look, I’m not trying to criticize you. I know you’re busy — we all are — and I’m as guilty as the next vegan of being lazy and letting the overwhelm take over….

There is a lot of discussion among vegans about how to spread this message, and whether we’re winning or losing this battle, as well as what the most effecting method of activism is… but ultimately it doesn’t matter…. because what matters is…

Are we doing the work? Are we willing to do what it takes for as long as it takes?
Whether we feel like it or not…
Whether we know how or not…

Look at pro athletes, top entrepreneurs, performers, politicians….
The Top 1% or 2% . The Elite. The Best of the Best…

They get their head in the game and hustle daily….

Whether they feel like it or not…
Whether they know how or not (don’t know how? google it and just do it!)

They won’t stop till they’re done.
It will be midnight, 1am, 2am, and eventually they might even sleep.

Then they will get up at 4:30 and begin again.


I will do it whether I am tired.
Whether I am scared.
Whether I know what the ‘best or right’ next step is.
Whether it works.
Whether I have ANY desire or motivation because even though I live it sometimes I am human!
I will just.keep.going. because I am FOCUSED ON THE OUTCOME and I refuse to say die.

You say you want it.

But show me the proof.

Show me how you KEEP ON GOING and NEVER SAY DIE until you get there.
Show me that you did the work.
Show me you really WANT it.
Show me you care enough to keep on going until you BLEED.

No excuses.
IF THIS SCARES OR INTIMIDATES YOU, FINE. Then accept the current reality and stop complaining.

Everybody wants to change the world.  To make their mark. To live a life of purpose and passion (plus a lot of money would be nice as well).

But show me who is willing to do what it TAKES to make that happen.

Are YOU the 1% who is going to do the work? PROVE IT.

If not now, then when?
If not you, then who?

Joanna x



PS. The 30 Day Vegan Hustle is coming.

It’s a different kind of vegan challenge. Challenge yourself to do more, be more, hustle more.

Uplevel your game, get your head in the game, generate ideas to become a force for good to be reckoned with, while living your life and doing it on YOUR TERMS, while feeling inspired and even having fun.

Your being a martyr isn’t serving anyone. You can do it in a hard way, or you can do it in a way that’s EASY and in the flow.

Some people choose to continue to struggle on their own, feeling frustrated, isolated and alienated — and some people choose to join forces, join a community brainstorm ideas. The best kind of activism for you, is the one that comes naturally to you. Is the one that you were born to do. The one that feels authentic. The one that empowers you, sets your soul on fire, increases your vibration and makes you feel so ALIVE you can hardly breathe. The one that comes from the flow and puts you in the zone where you accomplish more than you’ve ever thought possible.

Are you ready to ignite your AWESOME?

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See you inside,

Joanna x



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