Ignite Your Compassion: Vegan BBQ & Grilling Recipe Challenge

Not a day goes by that we are not assaulted in one way or another by the mainstream message of animal exploitation and abuse. Just today, I opened my email and I clicked on an innocent-looking link to an article posted on Twitter by a vegan blogger – and a huge advertisement popped up that filled my entire 20 x 16 inch monitor with a gory image of burned flesh, a.k.a. barbecue, brought to me by Home Depot, promoting their grilling equipment as the Fourth of July is approaching – under the slogan “IGNITE YOUR PASSION.”

Yep, it’s this time year…

With the weather finally warming up and the lawns getting green in the backyards across North America, the grilling season is already in full swing, and will be even more so by the time of the Fourth of July celebration of the Independence Day.

As we get mentally ready for more BBQ photos, recipes, and gatherings — how about DECLARING INDEPENDENCE from cruel practices that permeate our everyday life.

How about daring to leave behind our Paleo past and outdated traditions, and stepping into the age of enlightenment like we truly mean it.

Let’s declare independence from limiting beliefs, traditions and customs.

How about a new slogan: “IGNITE YOUR COMPASSION” – and ditching flesh in favor of deliciously grilled plants.

Let’s all post our favorite recipes for the backyard barbeque party– and start changing the traditions — declaring independence from Paleo mentality and embracing Enlightment.

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So, What Do Vegans Grill?

If you are clueless where to start, find some great ideas here:

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Also, check out my recipe for broiled grapefruit — it will work nicely on the grill too!

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Happy grilling!


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