It’s another day of the #SpeakYourTruth challenge – what should we talk about? There is still so much I could discuss – which social media platform to choose, which products and services to use, what tools and plugins to install, image editors to use, stock photography sites to explore – all kinds of practical tips – and very useful stuff – but instead, I want to talk about something else.


I have a confession to make. 



How to change the world.

How to make people understand.

How to end the exploitation, and oppression, and violence.

Why don’t others see it too?

Am I the only one?

Is it ever going to happen?

What can I do?

And why am I not doing it?

When will I start doing it?

How come I‘m not speaking up?

When will I start speaking up?


We’re told we have to have BALANCE.  Be grounded. Realistic. Sensible. Everything in moderation. Be a good girl.  A responsible mother, wife, and daughter. Successful career woman.  With a clean kitchen sink. Organized closet. Floors swiped and furniture dusted off.  Following the rules. With my feet on firmly the ground and my head in the right place.  Having it all together. Under control.  Average  Boring.  Un-inspired. 

Doing everything others expect me to do. Ignoring what my soul calls me to do.

Living my life by following the rules created by others.

Having fun the way others expect me to have fun. Even when I don’t even want to have fun – because I prefer to be doing MY THING. MY THING is my FUN. MY REWARD. MY OBSESSION. 


That’s not how you start a revolution.

That’s not how you re-invent the world.

That’s now how you inspire change. Innovate. Create great art.

I don’t want to be SENSIBLE and do what others expect me to do! 

I don’t want to be REALISTIC and a good girl (woman).

I usually don’t fit in anyway – so why bother?

Obsession – is the only thing that matters.

Obsession – can lead you to create GREAT things.

Obsession – can change the world.

Only when you’re obsessed you can find and unleash your true – leader, creator, artist, inventor, rebel – whoever is hiding inside of you.


(in addition to CARING and having your HEART IN THE RIGHT PLACE — but if you’re vegan, as I assume you are, you already DO CARE.)

How obsessed are you?

Don’t be afraid of your obsession.

Your hobby, your profession, your business – are nice and okay to spend time on and make some money.

But only your OBSESSION will make you GREAT.

Obsession trumps tools and tactics. Obsession will let you find the way.

Only obsession will allow you to create something of true value – that has the potential to change the world.

My only concern for me – and for YOU — is that we’re not obsessed ENOUGH.

Let’s change the world TOGETHER, SOONER rather than later. 

If not now, then when?

If not you, then who?




P.S. This has been on my mind — so I wrote it down and published on my blog and my social media. I may even use it as a chapter if one of my upcoming books. What’s on your mind?  And have you been sharing your thoughts lately? Or you just suck it up and keep your feelings inside of you — not to antagonize, not be different, not be labelled as an obnoxious, angry vegan, or a weirdo?

The world needs you. The animals need YOU to start speaking up and sharing your truth.

I invite you to join the #SpeakYourTruth CHALLENGE and unleash your inner warrior.  It’s about sharing our truth with the world, telling it like it is — the way we see it, and taking ACTION. Join HERE.