Question: You meet your friends at a restaurant. They tell you that there’s a veggie burger for you, but they order an animal meat burger for themselves – what do you do?

This morning, as I’m munching on my vegan oatmeal with raisins and cashew milk that I quickly whipped up in my Vitamix from the ingredients in my pantry (as I didn’t have any almond milk in my fridge I had an A-HA moment — that I can make my own milk since I have all the ingredients I need — so I just blended some almonds and cashews with water, didn’t bother to add anything else—still did the trick perfectly) – pretty much the only edible thing for me to eat for breakfast today, as I’m all packed and ready to relocate all across the ocean, while saying goodbye to New York City and New Jersey where I’ve lived for the past 20+ years … I’m really upset.

Not about the packing and the move–although, sure, it’s a huge change in my life, and I’m nervous how it will go, what will happen next, and is that the right decision right now…

But no, that’s not the reason I’m upset.

I’m really angry with myself for still playing small. For still not having changed the world – even just a little, even just the small part of the world around me.  For still not having it all figured out how to help others “see the light” and actually WANT TO DO THE RIGHT THING, i.e. make this tiny effort, accept this tiny inconvenience, and I mean really TINY, MINUSCULE, and TRULY INSIGNIFICANT, compared to what those animals have to go through, and —CHOOSE TO EAT vegan food, especially when readily available (and, believe me it’s available 99.9% of time), for crying out loud.

You see, up till now, I believed that people don’t do the right thing because they don’t KNOW what’s really going on – they don’t have the right information, don’t realize how bad it is for the animals, what really goes on on those farms (big and small), or simply are so brain-washed by the mainstream culture – as I used to be – that they don’t allow that into their conscious mind…

However, after being vegan for three years now, I have to acknowledge this scary statistics: none of my friends or people in my closest circle, who are close acquaintances (correction: there is one! I just found out –YAY!) are even considering going vegan – or choosing vegan options EVEN WHEN THEY ARE AVAILABLE – like choosing a veggie burger instead of animal meat burger in a restaurant, and even when I’m there with them.

(I know it shouldn’t matter whether I’m there or not, but somehow I find it even more annoying, insensitive and quite frankly — insulting.)

Now, it’s NOT that they DON’T KNOW what’s going on – we spoke about it and I recommended some books to them, and it’s not that they don’t know that they would SURVIVE and maybe even THRIVE on this diet—no, they DO KNOW FOR SURE that it’s perfectly healthy and okay for anyone to eat – but no, apparently they don’t think it matters…  they can’t be bothered… they don’t think it’s important, and/or they are not willing to be inconvenienced even in a tiny bit…

So I’m upset, furious really – just on the inside, I don’t show it on the outside (as an extreme case of passive-aggressive introvert, I rarely show my emotions)—and disappointed. So disappointed in everyone around me and especially IN MYSELF – that I’m not able to be convincing enough, to be outspoken enough, to be fearless enough to finally stop playing it small and figure out the way to be a true LEADER and make a bigger impact in the world that I know I can make for veganism and other important causes that need our support– especially with the tools that are available today that I consider myself an expert at – social media and internet marketing.

So here is what I’m thinking right now…

Screw Forget all the clueless, lazy, careless people who can’t be bothered to do the right thing – let’s go and find the ones who can and are willing to change and start acting like they actually CARE…

I know they are out there – because just three short years ago I was one of them – and look what happened…

Now, I’m NOT your most disciplined, organized person, who always does the right thing – there are things I’ve done that I’m not proud of – but one thing I know for sure: I could never continue to KNOWINGLY do hurtful things to others – especially, if an alternative existed; so if I can do this—easily and with so much joy—so can everyone else.

So, what am I proposing?

As any self-respecting introvert (who is also accidentally a web designer and social media ninja) would do, I propose a SOCIAL MEDIA DOMINATION CHALLENGE.

If you have an important MESSAGE to share and you believe it’s time for a CHANGE, and want to get your voice heard ONLINE, join me on this intensive social media challenge:

14 Days Intensive Challenge: SOCIAL MEDIA DOMINATION for Revolutionaries, Leaders, Coaches, Bloggers, and Individuals with a Passion and a Burning Desire to Change the World…

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How to participate:

It’s easy. You don’t need any special knowledge or resources, except your time and a burning desire inside you to make a difference.

Let’s create a community — or even a mastermind — and inspire, motivate and educate each other!

Commit to do one thing each day for 14 days. Here are some things that you could be doing:

* Post regular updates on Twitter. Set up your profile, if you haven’t already, follow people, and start engaging them regularly.

* Post your favorite recipe to your blog, Twitter and Facebook page.

* Write an article on a topic related to veganism or other important cause that needs spreading and submit it for publication.

* If you have a vegan recipe blog, compile your favorite recipes in an ebook and publish it on Amazon Kindle (I’ll be running a separate ebook publishing challenge for bloggers and writers soon, so stay tuned).

* Write a review of a non-vegan or vegan restaurant and post it online — and post to social media.

* Print out some vegan leaflets and give them away to people offline and online — by posting to social media.

* Set up a blog, if you haven’t already and start writing from your heart and sharing your content online — and post your content to social media.

* And more…

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PS. A big part of it will be happening on Twitter.  If you want to be prepared — check out this post Twitter Domination.  It tells you what tools I recommend for Twitter.  🙂