Are you filling your life with C.R.A.P.?

How much NEGATIVITY are you consuming every day (willingly or unwillingly)?How much JUNK are you allowing into your body – and your mind – before your day even really begins?Are you setting yourself up for SUCCESS – and an awesome day (and life) – with enthusiasm, energy, motivation and optimism that YOU’VE GOT IT under control?Or are you setting yourself up for FAILURE – with negativity, pessimism, fear, chaos (always falling behind schedule), procrastination (I don’t want to do this!) and guilt?

What you do first thing in the morning can change the way you feel and go about your day – so it’s critical to start your day right.

With the right nourishment for your body – and mind.

My life changed for the better years ago when I started to make green smoothies and juices first thing in the morning. It reduced cravings and made me less hungry for foods that I knew weren’t serving me. It helped me improve my health, get more energy and more mental clarity.

But getting the right nourishment for your body and soul – is equally – if not MORE important.

If the first thing you do in the morning is check your email, Facebook feed, and morning news – then you’re probably allowing a lot of junk into your mind that consciously or unconsciously will affect how you go about your day.

I know that when I do that, I get immediately caught up in what’s going on in the world, in other people’s lives, or in my business – which means I FOLLOW somebody else’s plan or agenda (or lack thereof), instead of being IN CONTROL, instead of being the LEADER of my own life, and the CREATOR of my own destiny.

Sounds pretentious? Pompous?

Well, it’s true!

Let’s face it, the morning new feed is usually filled with grueling stories about violence, accidents, crime and tragedies of every kind. Children being molested and beaten to death, bombs exploding in the middle of busy streets filled with tourists and passers-by, fires destroying houses, animals being tortured and killed for food or entertainment, millions of people being displaced from their homes risking their lives to cross deep seas in search for better life, terrorists trying to instill fear in all of us, democracy being threatened – these are just a few of the stories I’ve heard on the news the past couple of days.

Whether it comes via your local TV channel, Facebook feed, morning paper or email – it doesn’t matter – enough is enough!

Wanting to be informed and an educated member of the society is one thing.

But constantly feeding your mind with all that negativity… no wonder you’re NOT feeling upbeat, optimistic, enthusiastic and full of energy – as you should in order to TAKE ON THE WORLD and do YOUR THING, whatever it is that you do.

(Nagging spouses, demanding children, complaining clients, and angry bosses – belong to that category, too, by the way.)

Especially if what you do professionally or otherwise has to with tragedies and negativity. Being a vegan advocate and educating people about tragic fate of the animals – facing people who are often completely oblivious to this problem and simply couldn’t care less – is just one example of work that can really bring you down at times.

No wonder you often feel disheartened, powerless, confused about what’s important, not sure what to do, and want to just escape all the trouble and go to the la-la land – like a desert island in the middle of the ocean.

So, what’s the solution?

How to keep your cool in the face of all this negativity?

How to get inspiration, clarity and motivation?

Establish daily rituals that feed YOUR BODY, YOUR MIND and YOUR SPIRIT.

By reading something inspiring. Writing in your journal. Visualizing. Creating. Imagining what it is you want. Seeing yourself getting it. Doing your soul work. Meditating. Doing yoga. Witnessing the sunrise. Or sunset. Walking in nature.

Doing whatever it is that feeds your soul – and mind.

You can do it at any time during the day, but for me – early morning seems to be the magical time.

It’s the time when MAGIC happens.

When I get clarity about what I need to do. Get in touch with my inspiration. And intuition.

Yes, I know you’re busy in the morning.

Everybody is.

Yes, it means you may have to get up earlier to have some quiet time for yourself.

But let me tell you –

It’s absolutely WORTH IT.

For me, these early morning hours in the morning are the time without distractions – just filled with stillness, purity and possibility.

(If I manage get out of bed, that is, because often I just have a desire to just roll over and drift off to sleep time it’s really time to get up and moving.)

Maybe if you have that time during the day – that’s okay too, but most of us don’t.

And even if I do get some time for myself – it’s often not as easy to tune out all that is going on and go deep into my mind and get in touch with my intuition, my deepest desires and connect to my deepest purpose.

That early morning ritual is magical, as it allows me to keep the right perspective towards everything that happens during the day. Act with conviction. Make better choices. Or quickly correct the course if I make a mistake.

It’s easier to keep your cool, be happy, relaxed and fun – even if what’s happening around you is pure mayhem. And when you ACT is from the right place too.

It also makes it easier to make healthier choices when it comes to food.

So cheers to that!

Cheers to creating habits that not just feed you with junk, but nourish you on every level!

Cheers to establishing rituals that help you realize your dreams and achieve your goals – whatever they may be.


Joanna x



PS. What am I drinking and eating today? Green smoothie with kale, strawberry, banana, avocado, and more), the plan is also to make some juice (a carrot-celery-apple with some beet juice too), green salad, sour cucumber soup (ogorkowa) (I know it sounds strange, but it tastes better than it sounds, I promise! Check out the recipe here), mushrooms, beans, plus some kind of grains or pasta.


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