‘SHINE YOUR LIGHT so others are DRAWN to it, instead of just showing a flashlight in their face desperately trying to force them to pay attention or even care…’

What does it look like?

What would this look like for YOU?

Think authenticity.
Think honesty.
Listening to others, understanding where they’re coming from…but also…
Speaking your truth from the heart, no sugarcoating…
While being assertive and sure of yourself and your message,
Without having to know it all or having all the answers.
Helping and providing value,
With clear intentions and yet…
With no attachment to the outcome.

Keep showing up in the world in a way that RINGS TRUE to you, FEELS AUTHENTIC and EXCITES YOU where you are visible because of how bright you (and your message) shine rather than because you’re running down the street naked with bells on.’

There are many ways to be  noticed in life and online.

Some reek of desperation, ‘look-at-me-I’m-so-cool’ approach — and those are not the ones that are worth spending your time and your effort on.

Find the one that feels right for you.

Today: act from where you want to be, with no attachment to the outcome.


Joanna x



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