I’ve recently discovered millet — and I’m so excited about it that I just have to share it with you!

Well, to be exact, I DID know about millet (as you probably do too), and I even tried it a couple of times — without much success — which means I didn’t really like the taste and texture when I was adding it to soup or as a side dish to the main course. I really thought it was just BLAH — nothing special, and my son hated it too!

But I re-discovered it recently as an addition to smoothies, blended desserts (millet is a great alternative to cheese in cheesecake — which I’m going to try soon!), home-made milks, as well as savory pates (pasztet) — and I’m LOVING IT! When blended with some sugar and water (or other plant-milk), and some fruits and spices — it’s simply heavenly!

So if you ever tried millet and hated it, I encourage you to give it another chance. You may really be surprised!

So, here is a recipe for a breakfast meal or smoothie — depending how thick you make it.

This smoothie can be eaten as a breakfast, snack or a meal in itself. Make it thicker, add more sweetener (sugar or other) and it’s a perfect dessert. Make it with frozen strawberries and eat it as a frozen dessert, especially on hot days.  It’s gluten free. It’s dairy free. It’s vegan! #hellYESitsVegan

#Hell-YESitsVegan Strawberry-Millet Breakfast Smoothie (Meal) Recipe


2 cups millet (pre-cooked)
1 cup or more strawberries (fresh or frozen) 250 g of strawberry
300 ml plant milk or water
2 tablespoons sugar or maple syrup, use more or less to your taste (or other sweetener)
½ vanilla pod (optional)


Blend all ingredients together until smooth. Enjoy!

If you don’t like the slightly bitter taste, then try rinsing it in boiling-hot water before cooking.

The addition of natural vanilla and sweetener in the form of maple syrup complements the rest of my millet smoothie making a healthy meal and incredibly tasty. I would recommend for anyone on a gluten-free diet and slimming, and those who depend on healthy eating :))

To make it into two-colored meal or smoothie, blend millet with milk and sweetener first, pour half of the mixture into a dish or glass; then add strawberries to your blender, blend, and pour the rest. Cool? See below if the instructions are too convoluted to see what the result looks like. 😉

(It’s kid friendly too, here is my son’s photo I took sneakily while he was DEVOURING it, so – as they say – the proof is in the pudding!)




the #REVOLUTION begins in your own F*CKING KITCHEN

By trying this recipe you will:

Say Hell-NO! to cruelty and violence.

Say Hell-NO! to exploiting mothers and their babies.

Say Hell-NO! to taking something that doesn’t belong to you.

Say Hell-NO! to caveman mentality – we’ve left the caves long ago, so why are we still behaving like we belong there.

Say Hell-NO! to using (and abusing) someone for your own pleasure and gain.

Now, I don’t want anybody to think that I’m a negative, angry, menopausal, vegan bitch; and we don’t want people to thing about you in this way either; so here is the same thing stated in a more positive way ;-):

Say Hell-YES! to compassion and living your deepest values.

Say Hell-YES! to caring about others, regardless of their race or species.

Say Hell-YES! to being gentle and caring.

Say Hell-YES! to evolving to the next stage of development of the human spirit and mind.

Say Hell-YES! to re-inventing traditions and customs and creating new ones – that suit our evolved consciousness.

Say Hell-YES! to justice for all.

Say Hell-YES! to veganism.

Peace and love,




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