You are not one-dimensional.

You are not ‘just’ a vegan. No matter how important that part of you feels right now, you are SO MANY OTHER THINGS as well.

Stop limiting yourself with what you say and do online, and what content you produce.

When one becomes vegan for ethical reasons, ‘being vegan’ becomes such a big part of who you are, almost to a point that you stop being anything else – you don’t of course, but because it’s just such a transformative event that happens that changes almost everything – not just what you eat and wear –  but also what you think and you talk about, how you live your life, how you look at the world around you, what you notice when you listen to the news or watch TV – sometimes you cannot even watch the same shows anymore (I used to enjoy cooking shows – but now I don’t want to watch them any more), and on and on and on – that some people may judge you based on that and think that there is only ONE-DIMENSION to you.

That may be part of the reason why others find it so easy to categorize you, and put you in the box of being a ‘preachy vegan’, crazy vegan’, ‘angry vegan’, ‘obnoxious vegan’ or ‘idealistic-head-in-the-clouds-animal-loving vegan’ – but by putting that ‘vegan’ label on you, it’s almost like they stop seeing you like a complex being that you really are – unlike them and anybody else.  You almost become a different species to them – and as a result it becomes easy for them to ignore you and what you’re trying to tell them – because you’re just too different, so not-like-them-or-anybody-else-who-is-normal-and-sensible.

This is especially true for vegans who are trying to start websites promoting veganism – there are many of those websites out there and you too may have this urge to start one – and of course the first thing that comes to mind is starting a vegan recipe website. So you set up a blog, take pretty pictures of the food you eat, write articles and post all that on your site and your social media pages. Great! I’ve seen some people criticizing that, as being a waste of time, but I believe that you should do it, if you feel the need and it feels right.

But then you find yourself in a BOX with a LABEL ‘vegan  food blogger’ or ‘vegan recipes’, and it may feel very limiting, and one-dimensional – showing only one part of what you believe, of your life and who you really are – and people are not seeing you as the complex being that you really are.  This makes it difficult for people to relate to you, and even to find you and follow you – because they have no really good reason to – other than finding some recipes, which they can also find elsewhere.

You may be reluctant to share anything else that’s going on in your life, or your other thoughts and beliefs – because you think it’s irrelevant, why should anybody care? Why should my readers care? All they should care is to get their daily recipe-fix and be on their way – right? Not!

The more you reveal your true self – your life, daily struggles, your wisdom, your humor, your quirks, your professional expertise, your hobbies, your whatever – the more people will be able to see a REAL FUCKING HUMAN BEING just like themselves – and not just a LABEL – the more they’ll be able to relate to you, love you (or hate you), but also – in some way, shape or form BE INFLUENCED BY YOU AND WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY – even if they disagree with you.

You’ll then start attracting a wider audience – start talking to people outside of your ‘vegan’ circle, people who resonate with you on so many different levels – and finally you’ll stop PREACHING TO A CHOIR, which we often do when we write vegan blogs – let’s be honest, who reads that stuff? Other vegans, that’s who!

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is this –

Stop putting yourself in a BOX.

Even a pretty VEGAN BOX – it’s just too limiting.

Step outside, GO ALL OUT, BE BOLD, and HONEST, and AUTHENTIC – and finally UNLEASH your TRUE YOU to the world.  #veganunleashed

Speak what’s on your mind – and put it out there – on your blog or social media or wherever, but let that go beyond what you eat and drink.

You have so many things on your mind – so stop limiting yourself to what you put out there.

Speak your truth as it comes to you – whatever it is at that very moment.

When you do that — it will allow you to become more relatable (is that a word?) – people will not be able to ignore you any more or fail to even notice you – as they do now, as most people don’t spend time browsing vegan websites or searching for vegan recipes – unless they already are vegan – which is the whole point, right? You’re doing this — going through all the trouble — because you want to shake this world with your message, reach millions, make them finally SEE and UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH, am I right?

At least that’s what I decided to do and I found it to be so LIBERATING – so when I find a vegan recipe that I love – I will publish it on my website; but I’m not limiting myself to that. Whenever I find myself feeling strong reaction to a piece of news, a book that just came out, a movie, a comment someone made – and feel the urge to speak about this – I write about that too. I also feel I could help people with internet marketing – but I don’t want to wear a ‘web developer’ label – so I speak about that too, sometimes. But I stopped putting labels on myself, and do it all AS ME – i.e. Joanna Slodownik. Even my domain name says it all – (and I used to tell people that they should choose the domain name based on keywords, the niche, etc. — but not any more. Especially if you have an important message to share — do it as YOU!)

How I Decided to Step Outside the Box of Green Smoothie or Internet Marketing and Other NICHES

Let me tell you a little bit about yourself. I come from the Internet Marketing background, and when I was starting out years ago, the people I followed were telling me that I should pick a niche – something I like and maybe even am passionate about (but not necessarily), do some keyword research to see how popular that niche is, look what other people in that niche (aka your competitors) are doing and selling – and based my decision whether or not start a blog or website in that niche based on THAT. It’s called market research. So, for years I tried to figure out what niche I should be in – I was very successful with the ‘Green Smoothie’ and ‘Juicing’ niches, as well as a couple of other health-related niches – because I was passionate about those topics, I was also doing some internet marketing for clients on the side; but what ended up happening I got bored just talking about smoothies and juices — I didn’t know what to say about them any longer; and I found myself working with clients that I didn’t really enjoy working for. I liked them (at least some of them), but they weren’t my soulmates, I didn’t really resonate with them, they weren’t really my ideal clients – now that I think about it.

And as far as smoothies and juices — I did love them and I still love them; to this day I drink smoothies and juices religiously, and they worked wonders to improve my health – I even created a program helping people do the same (it’s called Green Reset Formula – you should definitely check it out), but COME ON, how much can you really say about what’s essentially a glass of blended mush consisting of greens and fruits?  I know that some people have made successful career out of this, and can keep talking about those things forever – but I just COULD NOT DO IT . Not consistently. Not from the heart and flow. So after a while it started feeling forced, I still had the belief and passion, but I could not maintain it consistently. I put myself in a pretty GREEN SMOOTHIE BOX, aka NICHE, and I wanted OUT!

I knew I wanted to talk about so many other things, express myself more freely, be more authentically me, while also SPEAKING MY TRUTH, what I feel is important, what I believe people need to know – but obviously then the gods of the internet and SEO would punish me for stepping outside my little niche and area of expertise – of what was ‘expected’ of me; not to mention that people won’t like me and would unsubscribe from my email list and Facebook page.

So what happened was – I ended up attracting a whole bunch of people – tens of thousands of people on my Facebook page and email list – about whom I didn’t know much – except that they loved my smoothie recipes; and who also didn’t know much about me.

And then, on top of that, a couple years back this VEGAN THING happened to me and shook my world – and I was like – ‘what do I do now? I do want to start blogging about vegan food – but how do I do that – that’s a fucking another niche altogether! Do I have to start yet another website (BTW, I did!)?  How can I manage all this now – being this and that and that – without suffering serious multiple personality disorder (I couldn’t)?  How do I find the time to produce all this content? Do I have to give something up?’ and finally ‘How do I make money from that?’ as ultimately that’s what I really want to be doing, that’s my ultimate DREAM – sharing my message with the whole world, shaking things up and being able to make a living from that, so I don’t have to go to and find some boring 9-5 job to earn a living and do what others tell me to do, like it or not.

That’s what I don’t want to happen to you.

I believe you can be authentic, and true to yourself – and start making a BIGGER DIFFERENCE if you just step outside your box, refuse to be labelled, be like everybody else – and MORE, and stop allowing people to ignore you.

So, practice stepping outside the VEGAN BOX, speak what’s on your mind — and see how it feels – which can be

  • Politics
  • Current news
  • Your dog (or cat)
  • Exercise and fitness
  • Movies
  • Life in general
  • Motivation
  • Spirituality
  • Food – but not necessarily food that’s labeled as ‘vegan’ but – just food – healthy food, Mexican food, fat free food,
  • Overcoming personal problems
  • Overcoming disease
  • Environment
  • Feminism

And I don’t know what else – but whatever is going on in your life whatever you need to get out of your head and maybe even it may help others transform their lives like you transformed yours.

These are just some examples. So go all out and #SpeakYourTruth today.

Stop limiting yourself and putting yourself in a ‘VEGAN BOX’, however comfortable and pretty it may be, stop preaching to a choir, but go all out here into the World and SHAKE THINGS UP with who you really ARE (AS YOU), touch some people, make some people angry — but don’t let them ignore you any more. Isn’t it what it’s all about.

And if you’d like – join me in my vegan #SpeakYourTruth challenge below.

If not now, then when?

If not you, then who?






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