As I’m reading through another post of the mindset and online success coach that I follow – in which she’s talking about creating massive success online and offline on your terms – with success being the life that you desire, the purpose, the passion, the money, the business – and doing it all on your terms, achieving whatever goals you set out to achieve on a MASSIVE scale, reaching MILLIONS, creating a MOVEMENT – a REVOLUTION (if that’s what you want) – I cannot help but wonder….

What if the Law of Attraction, Mindset and Motivation, NLP coaches and gurus are right?

What if all that is not just a bunch of baloney for the naïve and gullible masses who want things they desire to materialize out of thin air using the power of imagination?

What if the Self-Development Gurus who’re telling us that you can create your own reality, your own success, do it your way, do it on your terms – what if all they say is actually TRUE and can be ACHIEVED, regardless of what your goal is – whether it’s making money, buying a Ferrari, getting a freaking house on the beach, or saving billions of animals from torment and violent death by spearheading and spreading a revolution of consciousness – aka vegan lifestyle – to the masses?

What if you (I’m talking to myself here, but also to YOU) took that advice – and instead of using it to create more demand for Ferraris and real estate in trendy beachfront neighborhoods (and I have nothing against any of those, by the way!), applied the principles and methods that they teach to create SUPER SUCCESSFUL MASSIVE MOVEMENT FOR CHANGE that’s so CONTAGIOUS and BEAMING with POSITIVE ENERGY and EXCITEMENT that people CANNOT WAIT to jump right on because it’s just SO COOL, FANTASTIC, and oh, by the way, it’s also so RIGHT on so many levels, that WHY THE FUCK THEY WOULDN’T?

What if you figured a way to create EXCITEMENT, ENERGY that would make people to say HELL-YESSS! SURE! DEFINITELY YEAH! I SO want to do that! – and NOT:  oh, it’s going to be sooo hard, I don’t know if I can make it work, it’s not convenient, it takes a long time to change habits, I’ll get sick, my doctor won’t approve, my husband will divorce me, my kids will accuse me of child abuse, we cannot ignore our traditions, or WHATEVER other BS reason people use not to give it a try?

What if you created this incredible ENERGY of EXCITEMENT, INSPIRATION, COOLNESS factor, ELEVATION TO THE NEXT LEVEL of the development of the human spirit, that people would be EXCITED to get on board the VEGAN bandwagon, they couldn’t wait to share with their friends and families, they couldn’t imagine themselves NOT doing it – because they’d be so eager and enthusiastic and joyful – that it’ll be CONTAGIOUS?

They’d be saying Hell-Yes! I want to be vegan, because — why wouldn’t I?


Wanting to end the oppression, to expose the violence and the gory details of the food production – is critical, is invaluable work that so many wonderful and courageous people are doing – but when all is said and done – most people JUST WON’T DO A SQUAT, not because they are bad people, but because they’re LAZY, and they won’t get off their assess to do something – even if it’s for THEIR OWN benefit – like exercising or eating a healthy diet – hence the epidemic of obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, cancer, and so on – so if they even won’t do it for themselves, how on earth do we expect them to take action on behalf of someone else, someone who they haven’t even met, someone who is totally invisible to them – not even THEIR OWN SPECIES, completely ignorable – except when they sit down to eat – then they appreciate how tasty he or she is.

For most people changing their habits is about as desirable as — I dunno — catching swine flu?? — they’d do ANYTHING to avoid it, create and actually BELIEVE in all kinds of lame excuses, and reasons why they just CAN’T.

What if we actually read some of the works of those law of attraction, mindset, NLP, self-development gurus and actually followed their advice — but just replaced the goals or success metrics that they provide as examples with whatever YOUR GOALS and DESIRES are –and then followed the method which really comes down to – creating the infallible BELIEF of success, which in turn leads to the right MINDSET, introspection in order to discover your STRENGTHS and TALENTS, to development of CREATIVITY, IMAGINATION, and working that IDEA MUSCLE for THINKING OUT-OF-THE-BOX and coming up with solutions that haven’t been invented before, and finally taking the RIGHT ACTION, setting up the right HABITS for success with CONSISTENCY and FOLLOW THROUGH – which come from the RIGHT MOTIVATION and strong connection to the PURPOSE.

If you are angry, upset, annoyed, or mad; apologetic, whiny, apprehensive, fearful, defensive, sad, gloomy, dejected or whatever NEGATIVE emotions we all inevitably carry around – and let’s be honest here you’ve got plenty of those just bubbling inside of you; if you don’t deeply BELIEVE that people can change and the world can change, if you accept the fact that it’s JUST HARD and people just WON’T DO IT – then ultimately this is the reality that you’ll create.

And you don’t even need the gurus to tell you that because – HOW CAN YOU EXPECT OTHERS TO BE EXCITED ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT TO SHARE WITH THEM and BELIEVE THAT IT’S GOING TO BE EASY FOR THEM — if you’re not excited and full of belief yourself?

What if you were telling people how EXCEPTIONALLY WONDERFUL it is to be vegan, how much you ENJOY being vegan, what a JOY it is living in alignment with our own VALUES of compassion and non-violence, how EFFORTLESS it is, once you make that commitment to NOT TO PARTICIPATE in the horrific crimes against animals and people – even though it does take some effort initially – it’s REALLY SO UPLIFTING and EASY and COOL?

What if we made VEGANISM VIRAL and CONTAGIOUS – because the COOL FACTOR would just be so strong that people wouldn’t be able to resist it?



What if we put our minds together, brainstormed for ideas and solutions, motivated each other to take massive action, and help each other created leverage to make more people than ever not just HEAR this message, but also get EXCITED about this message — because why wouldn’t they be? Right?

I know not everybody is willing to do the work – that’s why we need more LEADERS; it needs to start with a MOVEMENT OF REVOLUTIONARY VEGAN WARRIORS – who will do this work for others to follow…

If not now, then when?

If not you, then who?




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