if they have wings, they want to  fly, 

if they have legs, they want to run,

if they have fins,  they want to swim,

if they have babies, they want to feed and nurture them…

When I first heard those words (and those may not be the exact words, but the gist of it is this) — in the Food for Thought Podcast, I had tears in my eyes. 

They express in such a simple, and yet so profound, way the aspect of animal oppression that most people never even think about. Many people say they are against violence, but they still  want to eat ‘humanely raised meat’ and ‘free range eggs’.

But that’s not really  what I want to talk about right now. What I want to talk about is my thoughts on how to be a vegan — and a voice for the animals in this world. It may be excruciatingly hard to watch the obvious signs of violence and oppression — the blood, the  flesh, the body parts wrapped in clean clear plastic wrap — I see so many vegans being lost for words — including myself.  

And I see many people feeling angry and frustrated, and therefore not being very effective in speaking up. Sharing statistics, facts, videos, recipes — but not many  people responding, not reaching those who are not already vegan.


If we aren’t happy and joyful as vegans — then what chance do we have to persuade others to be not-happy vegans?


So what I’m thinking this morning is this. 


Think of what you’re good at — and do THAT. 

Think of what brings you JOY — and do THAT.  

Think of what puts you ‘in your zone of genius’ — and do THAT!




If you love to sing — sing. 

If you love to dance — dance.

If you are an artist — create art.

If you love photography — take pictures. 

If you are good with words — write. 

If you are a ‘people’ person, an extrovert, who’s good at getting people together — organize events, parties, happenings. 

If you love to cook — make food for others and teach them what you know at workshops and cooking classes. 

If you love to speak — do seminars, webinars, or record a podcast. 


I guess what I’m trying to say, you’ll be most effective when you’re YOU.

Authentic, from the heart, simply who you are, with joy and conviction. 

Making it easier for people to connect with you — and your message.



For the love of animals — STOP BEING SO VANILLA! 

— (and don’t get me wrong, I do love vanilla!)

Show it to the world — like you MEAN IT!



For me, is mostly through my writing, I am still finding my voice, writing more and more, ass well as more regularly than before (expect more posts and books from me!) as well as being online — writing ebooks, building website, posting on social media. As well as inspiring others with words. 







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