I don’t mean I want you to ‘follow me’, or ‘like’ my page – I’m looking for FRIENDS on Facebook. To share and comment on each other’s vegan recipes, rants, articles, videos, resources…. Yes, I know we don’t know each other, and most likely we’ll never meet in person — (although, hey, you never know, right??).

But here is the thing….

I want to post more vegan stuff on my personal profile page, but I’m not doing that and a big part of this is the fact that most of the people who are my friends on Facebook – are people whom I know in ‘real’ life – who are not vegan. So, whenever I post an update about my life – a trip, a family event, etc. – it gets likes and shares. When I post something about veganism – a recipe, a video, an article – it gets totally ignored.

Total silence…..

Like nobody cares….

It totally depresses me….

I feel so alone….

I just want to keep posting, keep educating, keep raising awareness – but I’m not doing it…

I’m being shy, self-conscious about it – what if ‘they’ think that I’m weird, over-sensitive, or crazy – I do know that it doesn’t/shouldn’t matter, and they may already think that anyway – but it’s stopping me…

So I thought it would be SUPER COOL if I had a bunch of Facebook friends who’d be commenting, and ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ this stuff – like crazy…. so ‘they’ would finally stop thinking that I’m just this single lonely person in the universe who is determined to do this stuff – but it’s not for real people, it’s too hard, too alienating, etc. They will see that there are many of us out there who are doing this – and we’re having FUN, being INSPIRED, getting HIGH on this fact alone that we’re NOT PARICIPATING in this biggest crime of humanity.

So, in case you’re wondering and considering becoming my friend, here are some random facts about me:

I went vegan 3 years ago, on the spot, when someone compared vegans to fascist in front of me (it’s a story I talk about on my blog, I may find a link to it later….)

I a green smoothie and juicing addict (although I recently stopped drinking green smoothies in favor of delicious bread and baguettes sold in nearby bakery – which resulted in me gaining 10 pounds over winter – time to get back to smoothies!) I’m also juicing enthusiast and completed the Juice Guru certification.

My favorite kitchen appliance is a Vitamix – I use it all the time. I also love my juicer.

I’ve been doing online marketing, web design and social media for almost 8 years now.

I’ve built probably well over 100 websites, for myself and my clients, but right now the ones that I update are: joannaslodownik.com, greenreset.com, buildawebsiteacademy,com, and marketingadvisoronline.com, bestjucerrecipes.com.

I was born in Warsaw, Poland when it was still under communist rule.

I lived in the US for over 20 years. I lived on Long Island, NY, Clearwater, Florida, but most of the time in Secaucus, New Jersey.

I recently returned to Poland just because I missed it. Most people still think that was crazy, especially considering what is going on in Europe right now.

I have a husband and an 11-year old son.

My husband is not vegan, and he still resents my decision to go vegan (it was very hard in the beginning to say the least), right now he doesn’t eat any meat, but he does eat seafood, cheese and eggs. My son wanted to go vegan after watching a video (I think it was “Meet your meat’), but his dad and granma don’t approve, so he is mostly vegetarian.

We recently adopted an 8-year-old dog from animal shelter (Paluch). His name is Ramzes, and he has a limp – what we thought was just joint pain caused by years of living in less-than-ideal conditions – locked in a cage with a concrete floor, having no-access to indoors; turns out to be a result of an injury (a broken bone) that was neglected and never healed properly – so he’ll be limping forever, and it will probably get worse as he’ll get older.

I live in the center of Warsaw, so if you ever want to visit that part of the world, let me know, I’ll show you around, including take you to the vegan joints for lunch or dinner, as well as take you on a bike tour of Warsaw –and the amazing trail along of the Vistula River – on beautiful nature trails right in the city center, also featuring great night life – bars on land and on boats – all thought the summer and fall.

I am the only vegan in my family, and I don’t have any vegan friends – although I’m working on it.

I love to travel, especially to exotic tropical destination. I also care about world peace and wish I could help the environment and stop global warming – but most of all is for the world to go vegan.

I’m a total introvert. I also don’t post very often — so don’t be afraid that I’ll take over your feed.



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