Attention: Vegan Bloggers, Authors, Activists, Speakers, Entrepreneurs, and simply Individuals with a DREAM, a PASSION and a STRONG DESIRE to change the world, open the eyes and the hearts, while living the lives of your dreams….

I Challenge You to Come out of the Hiding, Start Speaking Up Like You MEAN it, Build a Platform, Publish Your Story, Share Your PASSION & Your Message & Make This WORLD a Better Place for ALL…

(…or forever hold your peace…if you even can…good luck with THAT 😉

…which brings me to this question…

Do You Need Help?

I believe that each one of us has a limited time in this world — so why not make the best use of it, right?! 


You want to make a difference with your work. You want share your message. Help people. Help the animals. Leave a legacy. Change the world. 

But how?

The good news is that…

Whatever your OFFLINE expertise or passion, you can do what you love, make a bigger difference, while also making money ONLINE, without compromising your values.

Don’t wait another year, don’t wait another day.

Start building your platform online TODAY.

I know that you probably don’t need more information. Putting all that useful information to good use — that’s the challenge. Plus, who has the time to do it all!

You don’t need another online tactic or marketing tool. What you may need though, is help with knowing what to do and how to do it. Someone guiding you by your hand through the process of setting up your online presence, creating a platform, building a business, leaving a legacy.

Talk is cheap. Information is cheap. You can google anything and find the answers fast and easy (whether or not these are the most relevant answers, or even the CORRECT answers is irrelevant – what everybody is looking for are FAST and EASY RESULTS).

Buying another ebook or program – when you KNOW you’re not going to implement it – or often even read the whole thing – is not going to bring you results that you desire.

Why Work With Me

My name is Joanna Slodownik, and I’ve been online for almost ten years now. I’m a web designer, social media ninja,  green smoothie & juicing addict, ethical vegan and an online success coach on a mission to help vegans and other changemakers (you!) who are passionate about making a difference in the world and spreading their message – whether you are a vegan blogger, animal activist, author, coach, activist, entrepreneur, stay-at-home-mom, small business owner, or simply an individual with a message – I can help you build a PLATFORM and use the Internet, and all the incredible tools and resources that are available to us today ONLINE – to LEVERAGE your real life skills to PROMOTE VEGANISM and other IDEAS THAT YOU VALUE, become hugely SUCCESSFUL, LEAVE A LEGACY, MAKE AN IMPACT and even make money doing that!



Whatever your OFFLINE expertise and passion, you can absolutely do what you love, make a bigger difference, while also making money ONLINE, without compromising your values or lifestyle.

1. Define and refine your message. What is it that you just MUST SHARE with the world?
2. Choose your AUDIENCE
.  Who needs to hear your message?
2. Build a MASSIVE PLATFORM (website, email list, social media profiles) to reach your audience, and keep influencing them in the future.
3. Provide VALUE (share links, write blog posts, publish books, create and sell products and courses).
4. Build a COMMUNITY or a TRIBE of people who love you and value your opinion.
5. Ask and LISTEN to what your tribe wants & give it to them.
6. Tell YOUR STORY. Show them who you really are and why you even care.
7. Make money in the process, so you can do more of the above to BUILD MOMENTUM and make a BIGGER DIFFERENCE in the world.

What Can I Help You With?

I’m in the process of creating new courses and coaching programs, and you can find more information about them on this site. 

I also provide one-on-one coaching, consultations and done-for-you web design, branding and social media services, including:

  • Creating a custom strategy, so that you can capitalize on your talents, your skills, experience, and passions — to become the best advocate for the cause you can be, while also making money and creating the life you want. 
  • Setting up or re-vamping a website (web design, re-design, and makeovers) for best results and biggest impact (yes, your website should be pretty, but that’s NOT what’s most important, that’s NOT why people will follow you.) — Tip: It starts with being authentic, sharing your true message and speaking from the heart.
  • Creating or re-vamping your social media presence — and attracting a following — without spending hours and hours online (who has the time for that!) — Tip: See the previous point, plus automation is key.
  • Massive content creation, beginning with choosing your topic and niche — so that you NEVER run out of things to say (there is the RIGHT way to do it, and I can show you how).
  • Writing and publishing your book — so you become a published author! (This is easier than you think, especially, if you already are a blogger or have written articles). I’ll work with you to finally make it happen!
  • Start to make money online without compromising your values–by writing ebooks, creating courses, recording webinars, etc. I’ll show you how to do it, regardless of your background and expertise (you don’t have to write another vegan recipe book, unless you really want to).
  • And more…!

So if you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, or you’re stuck and need some help to get UNSTUCK — let’s talk.

Simply fill out this form – Strategy Session Questionnaire or – ‘friend me’ on Facebook  and message me – let’s have a quick chat there to see if we are a good fit.

V.I.P. Private Coaching and Consulting Packages

Currently I offer the following packages:

Private Coaching & Mentoring V.I.P. Package – I’ll work with you for 3 months to set up or re-vamp your ENTIRE ONLINE STRATEGY, setting up your PLATFORM, and creating – and implementing a STEP-BY-STEP ACTION PLAN so that you can start sharing your message, creating your legacy and growing your business online.

Private Coaching & Mentoring V.I.P. Package $997 – 3 months of working with me one-on-one (Best Value!) — Get It NOW!

Private Coaching & Mentoring V.I.P Package 3 monthly payments of $397 – 3 months of working with me one-on-one –$397 paid monthly. Get It NOW! 

I also offer FREE consultations session via Skype of Facebook chat to discuss your entire STRATEGY ONLINE.  Simply fill out this form – Strategy Session Questionnaire or – ‘Friend me’ on Facebook  and message me, or schedule a Skype call here– let’s have a quick chat there to see if we are a good fit.

Remember, nothing will happen, until you take action!

Let’s change the world TOGETHER, SOONER rather than later!

Joanna Slodownik



PS.  If you feel overwhelmed, confused, or stuck and need some help to get UNSTUCK — let’s talk.

If you want to brainstorm ideas, or have someone — with years of experience online — give you advice on what you could do online to make a difference and start creating the life of your dreams — let’s talk. 

If you have been online for a while, and maybe have a website or social media pages, but you’re wondering what you could do to bring them to another level — let’s talk!

Simply fill out this form – Strategy Session Questionnaire or – ‘Friend me’ on Facebook  and message me – let’s have a quick chat there to see if we are a good fit.