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Now that we know better–we can do better. So LET’S!
If not now, then when?
If not us, then who?

15+ Topic Ideas for Your Blog or Book: Beyond Vegan Recipes

15+ Topic Ideas for Your Book or Blog: Beyond Vegan Recipes Check out my post Blog->to->Book: Calling Vegan Bloggers Who Want to Get Published! The obvious choice when thinking about promoting veganism -- is writing about food. You may be thinking:  “But I don’t...

KICKASS Vegans CRUSHING IT! Interview with Lindsay S. Nixon from Happy Herbivore


Do you want to do MORE for the animals?

Are you wondering how YOU can help?

Could you perhaps be making a BIGGER DIFFERENCE in the world while also living the life of your dreams?

If you want to be inspired, look at those who are ALREADY doing it – and are CRUSHING IT! – and learn from them.

But most of all — START TAKING ACTION — TODAY!

Don’t wait another year, don’t waste another day!

We’re in such minority, and the task ahead is so GIGANORMOUS that we ALL should be CRUSHING IT!

We should all be taking action, each and every day, in a way that challenges us and those around us, to spread this message MORE — reach more people, dozens, hundreds, millions and billions even — with this message.

…for the environment, for our own health…

…but most of all — FOR THE ANIMALS!

Because they are the ones that suffer the most.

How can you start?

Check out this interview with Lindsay S. Nixon from, where she tells it all how it is — and what it takes to be successful.



7+ Reasons Why EVERY Vegan Blogger Simply MUST Write and Publish a Book — Starting TODAY!


I have a DREAM that one day, vegan recipe books will be THE ONLY recipe books sold in online stores and brick-and-mortar bookstores; while the old books — the ones that objectify animals and encourage the use of animal ingredients — will only be available in libraries, next to topics like slavery, holocaust or child pornography.



Never gonna happen?

That I don’t know.

But what I do know is that it’s not going to happen any time soon…. unless we take publishing in our own hands.

Let’s face it we (vegans) are in the SLIM MINORITY RIGHT NOW, so we better get our sleeves rolled up and start writing and publishing LIKE CRAZY — all those vegan recipe books and other books that actually portray veganism in a way that it deserves to be portrayed, and animal rights in a way that does justice to the topic — or those shelves labelled ‘vegan’ will remain pretty empty…

…and I’m not saying they are empty right now — the number of books that are being published on the topic is growing and that’s SUPER EXCITING…

…and what’s great, I’m noticing those books INFILTRATING OTHER non-vegan sections of the stores — which is even more encouraging, because few people who are non-vegan deliberately go to the ‘vegan’ section to search for something to read….

But — here is the thing.

There need to be MORE.

More books on every topic, not just cookbooks. I mean, recipes are great, but there’s so much more to write about ….not just about recipe books — it’s all kinds of books!

Children’s stories, adult stories, novels, travel guides, how-to guides, pets, spirituality, gardening, fashion, housekeeping, and so on, and so forth.

Which brings me to the next issue — and that is ….


Podcast: W imieniu tych co glosu nie maja. Weganizm podbija swiat….

Zapraszam do sluchania audycji”W imieniu tych co glosu nie maja. Weganizm podbija swiat”

Oczywiscie tytul audycji: ‘Weganizm podbija swiat’   jest nieco przewrotny i mocno na wyrost. Jest to tak zwane ‘wishful thinking’ – myslenie zyczeniowe – bo daleko nam jeszcze do tego – ale jestem pelna nadziei, ze to sie zdazy; a mianowicie ze weganizm podbije swiat jeszcze za mojego zycia.

I ze wiekszosc ludzi zdecyduje sie na ten krok, tak jak ja sie na niego zdecydowalam.

Jestem weganka dopiero od trzech lat, wiec od stosunkowo niedawna, wiekszosc swojego doroslego zycia przezylam jako nie-weganka – wiec wiem, ze zmiana jest mozliwa, w kazdym momencie zycia i z doslownie z dnia na dzien.

SHINE YOUR LIGHT So Others Are DRAWN To It, Instead of Showing a Flashlight in Their Face Trying to Force Them to CARE


Reminder (and Note to Self):

‘SHINE YOUR LIGHT so others are DRAWN to it, instead of just showing a flashlight in their face desperately trying to force them to pay attention or even care…’

What does it look like?

What would this look like for YOU?

Think authenticity.
Think honesty.
Listening to others, understanding where they’re coming from…but also…
Speaking your truth from the heart, no sugarcoating…
While being assertive and sure of yourself and your message,
Without having to know it all or having all the answers.
Helping and providing value,
With clear intentions and yet…
With no attachment to the outcome.

Keep showing up in the world in a way that RINGS TRUE to you, FEELS AUTHENTIC and EXCITES YOU where you are visible because of how bright you (and your message) shine rather than because ‘you’re running down the street naked with bells on.’

Are you filling your life with C.R.A.P.? Two Morning Rituals That Changed My Life

Are you filling your life with C.R.A.P.?

How much NEGATIVITY are you consuming every day (willingly or unwillingly)?How much JUNK are you allowing into your body – and your mind – before your day even really begins?Are you setting yourself up for SUCCESS – and an awesome day (and life) – with enthusiasm, energy, motivation and optimism that YOU’VE GOT IT under control?Or are you setting yourself up for FAILURE – with negativity, pessimism, fear, chaos (always falling behind schedule), procrastination (I don’t want to do this!) and guilt?

What you do first thing in the morning can change the way you feel and go about your day – so it’s critical to start your day right.

With the right nourishment for your body – and mind.

On Belief: Whether You Believe Something Is Possible or Believe It’s Not – You’re Right!

On Belief: Whether you believe something is possible or believe it’s not – You’re Right! 

The choice is yours. The choice is CLEAR.


Newsflash: Whether you believe you can ACHIEVE something, whether you believe that something is POSSIBLE, whether you believe that something can HAPPEN for YOU, whether you believe something can be EASY, or NOT – you are RIGHT.

So whether you think you CAN do it, or you think you CANNOT do it – in both cases you are correct. Whether you believe it can be EASY or whether you believe it has to be HARD, it’s probably true – for you.

I know – what an Earth shattering realization – not! And yet it is. Because even though you know this – everybody knows this – and we’ve all heard those stories of individuals who overcame great adversity or did things seemingly impossible – like making a metal thingy fly or landing on the Moon or doing something less spectacular like – I dunno – getting healthy and fit or running a marathon at 50 – you may still not believe this is true for you, not just for other people.

This is very unsettling, but also very comforting to know.

Because it means that you have much more control than you give yourself credit for.

Regardless of the circumstances, YOU are in the driver seat.

But you won’t get to where you want to go, if you don’t know where you’re going, and if you don’t believe you can.

It all starts with a vision and a belief.

The Arc of the Moral Universe Bends – But It Doesn’t—AND IT F*CKING WON’T—Bend Toward Justice ON ITS OWN!

The now famous metaphor of the arc has been used by many speakers and writers – the most prominent being Martin Luther King Jr. who said, “Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

Reflecting on this statement can be comforting – it’s as if we’re saying that – regardless of the current situation – in the end everything will work out okay.

But let’s play a devil’s advocate here and dig a little deeper. Some questions that come to mind are:

How come the arc of the moral universe bends at all?

…and more importantly:

How does it know WHICH WAY TO BEND?

How does it know which way is RIGHT and which way is WRONG?

Are these some universal forces bending it – like the law of gravity or other that applies here?

I do not pretend to understand the moral universe and I’ve never been great at physics, barely making it to satisfactory grade in high school, but my uneducated guess based on what I see happening in the world today is that there are no outside forces bending the arch one way or the other – it is up to all of us (humans) to bend it one way or the other.  

The arc of the moral universe bends – but it doesn’t – AND IT F*CKING WON’T – bend toward justice on its own!

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How Can I Help YOU?

One of the questions that I’ve been asking myself daily for quite some time – is HOW CAN I HELP?

How can I help this world get a little better?
How can I help others feel better, look better and be better?
How can I help people achieve their goals?
And also, lately (i.e. for the past three years) – how can I help the animals be freed from our obsessive need to oppress and exploit them for our own pleasure and benefit?

How can make the best use of my talents, skills and time – and make a contribution to the society and the world – that has a bigger purpose and meaning?

I believe that each one of us has a limited time in this world — so why not make the best use of it, right?!

So, through deep introspection and analysis 😉 I’ve identified two areas that I feel knowledgeable and experienced enough to be able to really not just help by giving you more information, tips or tactics, but providing a DEEP and PROFOUND TRANSFORMATION! — and those are:

(drum roll….)


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Cheers to Not Giving A DAMN!

Cheers to #NotGivingaDAMN!

I have a public announcement to make, if you don’t mind.


I’m officially DONE with APOLOGIZING, constantly explaining myself, caring so much about not hurting other people’s feelings – or to even antagonizing them, to the point to not even speaking up anymore.

If you’re here to get information, inspiration, and maybe even a TRANSFORMATION and are open minded to listen – then great. Mind you, I don’t claim to have all the answers, so I’m open to discussion and willing to explain my point – so let’s talk!

But if you’re here to just pick up fights, spread misinformation, instill fear, or just plain being obnoxious – then I don’t want to engage in any discussions with you, as it is clearly a waste of time – we’re not going to persuade each other, are we?


I’m also officially DONE with EXCUSES.

I’m fed up with MY OWN EXCUSES and I don’t want to hear your excuses either.

I’m tired for WAITING for certain things in my life to JUST HAPPEN.

I’m exhausted with dreaming about things, thinking about them, or even working towards them, and yet, still not seeing them come to fruition.

Enough with making plans, setting goals and coming up with new-year resolutions – and then FAILING to fulfill those goals!

I’ve had it with the self-doubt, second-guessing, coming up with reasons and explanations for WHY I HAVEN’T REACHED MY GOALS YET or ACHIEVED WHAT I WANT TO ACHIEVE.

Every moment is as good as the next one to make a DECISION to change your life – but a beginning of the year is especially good for putting your foot down and saying:

W imieniu tych, co “głosu nie mają”

Ponieważ zabrało już głos wielu obronców demokracji, przeciwników internetowej inwigilacji, miłośników jazdy na rowerze oraz tych, którzy wierzą w sens odnawialnych źródeł energii, nadszedł czas, by w końcu ktoś zabrał głos w imieniu wegetarian. A nawet wegan. Czyli tych, którzy występują w obronie istot, które naszym społeczeństwie “głosu nie mają ” – zarówno dosłownie, jak i w przenośni. A mianowicie w imieniu zwierząt.

Dla mało zorientowanych w temacie, śpieszę wyjaśnić, iż wbrew powszechnym poglądom, weganizm to nie jest jakiś dziwny kult, niebezpieczna sekta, chora dieta, przejściowa moda, liberalna fanaberia, czy też zboczenie. Wielu ludzi, jeśli nawet do pewnego stopnia akceptuje lub deklaruje zrozumienie dla wegetarian, weganizm uważa już za przekroczenie pewnej nieprzekraczalnej granicy przyzwoitości, w najlepszym wypadku za popadanie w skrajną przesadę, a w najgorszym, za groźny radykalizm i niebezpieczne odchylenie od normy.

Jednak, gdy spojrzymy wstecz, w mroki historii, nawet tej nie tak znowu odległej, wiele poglądów i ocen, które niegdyś uważane były za niezrozumiale, ekstremalne, czy wręcz niebezpieczne ze wzgledu na zagrożenie dla istniejącego porządku, z czasem, w wyniku mniej lub bardziej gwałtownych przemian zostało ostatecznie zaakceptowanych – jeśli nie z własnej woli i entuzjazmem, to jednak – tak jak to było w przypadku zakazu niewolnictwa, zakazu wykorzystywania dzieci, uznania równych praw kobiet i mężczyzn, czy też zakazu prześladowań ze względu na rasę, płeć, wyznawaną religię, lub poglądy.

Wielu zwolenników weganizmu widzi w tej filozofii życia – bo nie jest to tylko dieta, polegająca na odmowie spożywania produktow odzwierzęcych ot tak sobie, dla własnej fanaberii, czy tez aby zrobić komuś (ministrowi Waszczykowskiemu?) na złość; ale przede wszystkim uznanie, iż zwierzętom, tak jak ludziom, przysługuje ochrona ich podstawowych interesów, w tym prawa do życia i prawa do wolności od cierpienia – kontynuację tradycji ruchów równościowych, w wyniku których, coraz wiecej istot na ziemi uzyskuje prawo należytego szacunku i opieki zamiast pogardy i eksploatacji.

Czy wegetarianizm i weganizm są sprzeczne z z tradycyjnymi polskimi wartościami?

Owszem, jeśli przyjmiemy, że ta tradycja w istotny sposób opiera sie na schabowym, wigilijnym karpiu, polowaniach, oraz kawalerii konnej.  Jednak czy należy bronić tradycji za wszelką cenę tylko dlatego, że istnieje od wieków? Wielu ludzi uważa, że tak. Zapewne podobnie uważali właściciele niewolników – a jednak zmiana była możliwa….