I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling this STRONG DESIRE INSIDE OF ME THAT’S LITERALLY LIKE FIRE to do more and be more — write more, publish more, record more, create more, inspire more, teach more ….. — but being an incurable introvert that I am, who likes to think things over (and over, and over … before jumping in) — I’m finding it hard to go out there and implementing all the ideas that I have.

And I have a LOT OF IDEAS!

So I’ve been sharing many of them on my blog, and I’ll be sharing more and more of them in my new programs and books that are coming soon, but also …..  I’m really excited that I recorded my own podcast!!!


It’s just one episode of a podcast on the topic of veganism, and before you tell me that there are enough of vegan podcasts out there already, let me tell you that THERE ARE NOT!

At least not in Polish – my native language, which is the language of my podcast. As far as I know – there are ZERO podcasts on this topic in Polish (UPDATE: There is this one podcast, called Wegaństwo; and there may be more in the future, but for now, that is it). So even though you won’t be able to understand a thing, check it out here on my blog and on SoundCloud — and let me know if you want to know exactly how I did it — it was super easy!). 

And I can practically guarantee, that if your language is other than English, there is a big chance there are no podcasts in your language on the topic either – or very, very few.

But even in English – although there already are some FANTASTIC VEGAN PODCASTS  (my favorite being ‘Food For Thought‘ by Colleen PatrickGoudreau’s) – if you feel called to do it, if you FEEL YOU HAVE THIS IN YOU – because you like to speak and would like to influence people through speaking – then what’s stopping you? 

I love to listen to Colleen, I sometimes listen to others as well, but if you start a podcast and what you have to say resonates with me, I find it helpful and useful – I’ll absolutely listen to you AS WELL. 

There is never enough of the GOOD THING, right? 

Let’s look at the example of recipe books – there are plenty of vegan recipe books out there already, does that mean you shouldn’t publish your own? No, of course not! Each of the books and authors speaks and ‘clicks’ with a different audience – Colleen’s book on vegan baking and a book like ‘Thug Kitchen’ or ‘Sexy Vegan’, and many others have been so popular – each of them speaks to a different audience – so who’s to stop YOU from creating your own TRIBE and SPEAKING TO THEM and INFLUENCING THEM via podcast, books, articles, workshops, lectures, events, etc.?


So how about speaking up, sharing your books, organizing events – in your local community or online – so there’s one idea that could really potentially be making a big difference where you live.

And in your own tribe, or local community, or even your home country – you can make a huge difference – just by the virtue of being there, and knowing the people, the history, the current events inside out – and you can speak to them better than anybody else who’s coming from the outside.

If You Are Putting In the Work, Why Not Aim HIGH?

If you are putting in time and effort into spreading the idea of veganism — why not make sure you get maximum results?

If you are already doing the work, why not aim high?

One example, is Sarah Josepha Hale, the mother of Thanksgiving—one woman who created an enormous legacy by sheer persistence and determination. Read my post about her here

I sure wish I could have an impact like Sarah did.
I’m just starting out – but hey, since I’m already doing the work, why not aim high? Why not 10% or 20%?

But is not going to happen by WISHFUL THINKING alone. 


Let’s change the world together, SOONER rather than later.

If not now, then when?

If not you, then who?