Finally! I just have to share this with you. (Pigs Are Awesome!)

I finally published the updated, full color edition of a book that is very dear to my heart. It is the first book I wrote in the non-fiction for kids’ series about farm animals, and it was so much fun, but also heartbreaking.

Why? I’m sure you know the answer. Because in the process of researching it, I dug deep into what’s going on animal farms, and it made me cry, and gasp in horror, and become angry many times.

So, is it a sad and terrifying book?

Not at all!

There’s plenty of cute photos and fun facts about those fascinating animals.

And in the book, I talk about some of those things, but, I cut out a few of the drastic details that I included in the first edition.  (There weren’t many, but some readers objected, so I took it into consideration—and I don’t think it detracts from the overall message.)

One reader, for example, pointed out that it’s too much from  ‘vegan perspective’ for her liking.

But what does it even mean???

I prefer to think it’s from a humane, compassionate perspective.

From the perspective of kindness and nonviolence.

I hesitate to say that’s from the animal perspective, because, frankly, I don’t have much insight into that. But for sure, if pigs could talk… the things they’d tell us would not be pretty.

So, yeah. Definitely DON’T GET THIS BOOK if you OBJECT TO THAT.


Check out a few of the sample pages below.

And recommend to someone in your life!


Happy Reading!





P.S. You can check it out and get direct from me in my new store (coming live soon!)

You can also find it on Amazon- the new color edition here:

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