Summer is here in full bloom 🙂 and I just couldn’t help but write a story about … garden dorks!

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Dorks on a Mission: The Wild Gardens

Book description:

“Bea dreams of having a PRINCESS FAIRY OASIS in her backyard—where ONLY beautiful flowers, butterflies, ladybugs are allowed, and her best friends, Annika, Maya, and Zoe (but NO PESKY BUGS, ugly frogs, or annoying little boys).

The problem is that now her backyard looks nothing like it!

Now her garden is full of BUGS, WORMS, AND OTHER YUCKY CREATURES, plus overgrown grasses, disheveled bushes, and … a GINORMOUS COMPOST PILE in the middle of it all.

That is not a place for fairies or princesses, for sure!
(Only silly boys and dorks, who are into playing in dirt, maybe.)

So Bea makes a wish (and casts a spell with her magic stick) that all bugs should disappear from the face of the earth—or at least her neighborhood (except ladybugs, butterflies, and dragonflies, of course, because those can stay). But when she learns that the consequences of her wish may be more than she bargained for—she changes her mind.

Dressed in gardening outfits, that look like nothing a princess (or even a fairy) would wear, Bea and her friends get their hands dirty on a mission to create an OASIS for ALL CREATURES—even ugly bugs, worms, frogs (and boys).

These girls (and boys) may not look like fairies or princesses, more like GARDEN DORKS, but being a dork may not be such a bad thing after all.


Dorks On a Mission: The Wild Gardens

A fun read for girls and boys ages 5-10, that teaches kids how to invite more nature into their lives, and inspires them to learn more about the wildlife just outside their window.

Because even a simple meadow or a flower pot on the balcony or rooftop garden can be buzzing with life.

Buy the book now and enjoy this gardening with your kids. Happy reading and exploring!”

I came to love gardening, and believe that there’s a great joy in that. Not just growing pretty grass, beautiful flowers, neatly arranged on the patches, but all the messy plants (called weeds), and pesky bugs and animals (sometimes called pests). We can all benefit from watching the wildlife in our backyards!