The biggest benefit of drinking green smoothies and juices?

Is that they make healthy nutrition much EASIER.



The whole secret formula you need to know and follow?

Blend it. Juice it. Drink it. Repeat.

Then repeat again. And again. 

Then wait for the positive results to kick in while you eat and do pretty much what you want.

(and I PROMISE YOU that if you drink ENOUGH – you won’t even WANT what’s bad for you – at least not as much as you did before.)

If you establish the routine of getting ENOUGH INGREDIENTS for blending and juicing, and making sure they are always READILY AVAILABLE in your kitchen – maybe even pre-washed and pre-cut in advance, if you are that kind of super-organized freak person (I’m NOT!); as well as your blender and/or juicer is always there waiting for you on the kitchen counter to do your thing –

Then it’ll be super EASY to make drinking green smoothies and juices into a daily HABIT, which means, you’ll be FLOODING YOUR BODY WITH THE HIGH QUALITY NUTRIENTS IT NEEDS REGULARLY – which will then almost automatically REDUCE CRAVINGS for the foods that aren’t serving you (you may still think about them, but even if you do have them eventually, you’ll not eat as much of them), not to mention it will give you MORE ENERGY, and if you do it long enough – it will probably improve your health to the point where your pesky problems disappear (like recurring colds and allergies disappeared from my life – I hope forever!).

Another benefit is increased MENTAL CLARITY. Your mind will never get foggy like it does after you eat a big and heavy meal and you’ll NEVER NEED A NAP after drinking a smoothie, doesn’t matter how big – quite the opposite! You’ll have the feeling – ‘Wow, what else can I do that’s GOOD FOR ME – and for the world…?’

So that’s what you’ll get.

Enough complaining that you don’t have time to eat healthy! That it’s not tasty. That you get cravings that are stronger than you — which you simply CANNOT RESIST.

Enough with the excuses!


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On the other hand, what you definitely DON’T NEED:

There’s NO COUNTING CALORIES, no need to follow exact recipes, using exact ingredients, in the exact proportions; heck, I don’t even usually measure ingredients, I just add them as I please – it’s really, really hard to make a smoothie or juice that I don’t like!

So, I use recipes more for INSPIRATION than exact instruction – which is really great because for some reason I have strong aversion to following recipes and I’m always making changes as I go (especially if I realize that I’m missing certain ingredients and feel too lazy/busy to go to the store), and then trying to compensate if something didn’t work as it should (which is practically guaranteed when making fancy dishes, especially when baking – and is the reason I suck at it!)

There’s minimal preparation and clean up – and yet you feel like you did something MASSIVE. You’ve consumed a MASSIVE LOAD OF GOODNESS – if you take a moment to look at your ingredients BEFORE – and try to imagine eating THAT in a salad – it would take you forever!

(and most people when they eat a salad – they just eat a PATHETIC tiny assembly of vegetables and other stuff that isn’t even supposed to be there – and call THAT a salad, which is really unfortunate).

So, the task for today – make sure that your kitchen is stocked with enough greens, fruits and vegetables for blending and juicing, including:

For green smoothies:
Leafy greens and green veggies of any kind you like and can find available where you live: lettuce, kale, arugula, celery tops, cucumbers, parsley are my favorites
Fruits – apples, bananas, pears, strawberries, pineapple, oranges, avocado, etc.

For juicing – my favorites are:
Carrots, celery, beets, apples, and pears.

This means I have to some major restocking today –but after that, it’s AUTOMATIC and on auto-pilot.

Keep it simple. Keep it flowing. Keep blending. Keep juicing.


And then go into the world and DO SOME GOODNESS.

Perform and ACT OF KINDNESS.


Doesn’t matter how big or small.

(You don’t want to keep the GOODNESS just to YOURSELF, do you? That would be a terribly selfish thing to do, wouldn’t it?)


Share the MAGIC.

Create something AWESOME.




(To yourself and to others)….

To your health – and to all the goodness in this world,


PS. If you go grocery shopping today – make sure you head STRAIGHT TO the fruit and vegetable section, and then take your time while there — filling your cart to the top with the goodies, leaving little space for other stuff.

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